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    Could you describe the some differences between Master Yuli's Zubu Ilustrisimo system and that of Master Rey's, Master Tony, and Master Topher.

    Bakbakan Canada
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    Hi Vince

    Many thanks for a good question.

    Master Yuli's Zu'Bu Kali Ilustrisimo has many similarities to the interpretation presented by the other Masters of KI. Certainly techniques, concepts and strategies such as Praksyon, Enganyo, Panipis, Kadena Real, Pluma, Baksak etc are all present. Master Yuli's movements appear tighter and perhaps more explosive than some other presentations of the art.

    The system includes many very explosive disarming techniques for which Master Yuli is famous. These generally include "kapa" and explode several metres during the disarm. Master Yuli also considers the explosive disarm as a form of projectile weapon during a multiple attacker scenario.

    I think that all of the Masters rightly pay attention to basics, especially Master Topher and I would say that Master Rey is extremely organised in his presentation of the art of KI. Master Yuli emphasises repetition (SUBLI) and allows creativity in application to make the motions unique to the student.

    Most training and sparring with Master Yuli uses "live" weapons. While more painful, I found that this certainly sharpened things up for me.

    I would say that Master Yuli has very unique movements, which are part of his persona, but overall he has retained many of the core concepts and stategies of KI, while allowing other systems to evolve his interpretation. Zu'Bu KI is influenced by Balintawak, Tat Kun Tao, Romo Arnis, Repigada and other systems.

    Hope this answers some of your thoughts.

    Best regards

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    I don't think I know the term kapa?
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    Hi Arnisador

    "Kapa" is a term used by Master Yuli Romo and it refers to a method of trapping the thumb against the weapon prior to a very explosive disarming technique. It is very painful and extremely effective.

    Best regards

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    Ah, OK. I think I may have heard this discussed by Sayoc Kali people, who move the thumb if they are about to be disarmed.
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    very, very, VERY PAINFUL......LOL
    i thought my thumb was gone the 1st time i felt it
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    I can only speak for Mang Yuli and Mang Tony, but there are some differences. You wont notice them as much in Sparring, but esp. the method of training is different.

    Also, Mang Yuli prefers a closer Range (as well als shorter weapons) whereas I trained a lot in long Range with Mang Tony (short range too, of course).

    The biggest difference is imho the influence of the late Joe Go on Mang Yulis Zubu. But that's something he should explain himself. I trained with a few other students of Joe Go and found that all of them still use his Bodymovement, which you'll also find in Mang Yulis Art.

    Ps: Empty Hands is very different, too.
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    Kamusta ka na....Master Yulis art is very intuitive, there is more to it than just Ka'li Ilustrisimo...there is also the influences from Balintawak, Tat Kunto, his families system, the Silat's he has studied and far more.

    BaHad ZuBu is a very free system as well. Master Yuli encourages his people to build there personal BaHad Zu'Bu to work for them and theirs and to pass on this mindset. He understands that all of us are different, we will all have different ways of interpretation yet still remain true to the core methods of the work, in this way the art grows and flourishes with fresh thinking and intuitive action. BaHad Zu'Bu is a very aggressive way, it does not covet one weapon nor one range, rather it transcends them by simplicity and intent....a very simple way when one truly understands.

    Violence is a business matter never a personal one..NEVER..the reasons for this are numerous but it breaks down to effectiveness and intent, with a simple equation as the crux.

    question of violence asked in motion ~~ will be answered with required motion of same with ruthless intent and direct simplicity = Devastation of enemy!

    In all reality it truly doesn't matter what one studies as long as the individual can make it work for them.....no matter what the haters and naysayers throw out there. I have seen Tae Kwon Do players who take their knowledge and make it for the street..and guess what? they will flat kick your balls up to your neck real quick...I have seen and trained with Judo players that are as rough and mean as can be..they take what some deem a sport and make it into a combat method ( and yes there are strikes in judo..atemi waza), I have trained with Bagua and Hsing I players that are extremely effective as well in the street. So to those out there that tout there art and only theirs as the only way say..grow up, shut up and mind your business..there is more to life than your bowl of cherries that is chalked full of pits due to your archaic, single minded, box dwelling attitudes!

    PG Michael B
    BaHad Zu'Bu
    Western HQ
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    i can personally say that i`ve trainned with PG Mike B in BaHad Zu`Bu.
    this guy is WAY off the charts, they had to reset the scale for him
    having seminars & private time with him for a few days and the hurt last weeks! LOL .....man my head will be mush for awhile now. so simple that it complates your mind on how everything works together, everything fits.
    no matter what background, what arts. its wide open, there for what you want it to be. i feel like i could work a life time on what i`ve learned so far

    thanks again brother mike
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    Like PG Mickael B said ,Mang Yuli has trained in other arts that makes his moves different from that of Mang Tony and Topher. When Mang Yuli moves, he's very fluid and a lot of body mechanics. Very adept in disarms and tends to have a lot of footwork as compared to the rest. He traps a lot in his empty hands compared to the rest because of his background.

    Mang Tony is a boxer although he's trainned in other FMA like Balintawak and Doce pares etc. Very powerful , very direct and very minimal in movement and footwork. Unlike Mang Yuli who will throw in circular strikes, Mang Tony is more linear. Majority of his empty hands is western boxing. Very powerful arms.

    Topher is of a karate backgound therefore slightly stagnant and as mentioned, concentrates on basics. His sagasa footwork is mixed in with his stances in KI as well as his empty hands.

    In the end, all their students move alike when it comes to sticks. It's almost hard to differentiate one from the other . Different mode transportation to get to the the same place.

    Just my 2 cents. Okay, I'll shut my trap now.
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    well said still lurking.
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    The truth shall set you free!

    Hello All,
    Normally I would not post here, but being a student of PG M. Blackgrave I guess I can. Nevertheless, without any reserve whatsoever I would recommend PG Blackgrave as a teacher whom really exemplifies what he speaks upon. If you get a chance train with this man!


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