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  2. Pitboss 306

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    Looks like a fun environment to train in. I always liked training with the relaxed instructors who laugh while they demonstrate how to witik you in the teeth...

    ESKABO New Member

    It sure is a fun environment! We would not have it any other way. There is nothing better than training hard while laughing just as hard.
  4. arnisador

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    We could use some more clips! Please post 'em!

    ESKABO New Member

    Sorry for the delay....... Life has been busy but here is another clip! This clip was taken during GM Castro's Birthday !

    Other clips are being worked on as we speak......
  6. Jhun_Occidental

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    Keep up it guys. GM Castro, PG Joseph, Prof. Harold and the rest of ESKABO are good peoples. Joseph, did GM get the coffee I sent?

    ESKABO New Member

    Hey bro! GM did get the coffee and sends his regards. Next time you are in town be sure to visit. Hope all is well.
  8. MakSmart

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    Those are some nice disarms. I especially like the first one because it showed in the guy's face that he don't know how he was disarmed. Haha!
  9. Datu Tim Hartman

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    Just saw this one today.
  10. StixMaster

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    Yes a great clip again!

    Yes that is a great clip here are many more -
    WSEF is so proud of one of GM D's graduate master student GM Robert Castro who founded Eskabo Daan whose primary foundation as you view the videos come from what he laerned from GM D. Salamat Po !To all at Eskabo daan.
  11. StixMaster

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    More clips

    This Kali/Escrima demonstration was performed in conjunction with the legendary GGM Angel Cabales, along with his Stockton, California crew. Both GM *D* & GGM Cabales teamed up at GM Max Pallen's San Leandro, California tournament in order to publicly show allegiance to one another's FMA organizations. Performers include: (L-R) Rob Castro, Kavi Jones, Tasi Alo, Mila *D* & (center) GM *D*.
  12. Taiaha NZ

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    That is some great footage of the past at GM Max Pallen's tournament. Now we know that GM Anthony Davis trained GM Robert Castro, thats why they use Serrada angles as the format for Eskabo Daan, that is wonderful how Castro has innovated GM D's training into Eskabo Daan, you can see it. saw some other footage on another site with GM D training GM Castro before Eskabo Daan and before Presas. Great job guys, hey GM Tasi see you in the video too. Aloha!! See you in Maui next year!!
  13. Taiaha NZ

    Taiaha NZ -== Banned ==-

    Truth deducted

    So GM Robert Castro first trained from you GM D, then he went to GGM Presas afterward. You can see even today the tremendous influence you had upon GM Robert Castro.
    So it is true that the foundation of Eskabo Daan is co-founded by directly with you GM D because so much of Davis/Cabales Serrada Eskrima System can be clearly seen in it, in fact the angles they use are Cabales Serrada angles. Their 'chicken step' comes from GGM Angel Cabales.The lock and block they use comes from the same source. Oh well some folks don't honor the truth like they should.
    Mahalo for posting videos of the past so we can keep the record straight. Uncle John and GGM Angel would be so proud that you have preserved moments of truth from the past!
  14. jwinch2

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    Interesting stuff. I had been wondering why GM Castro was showing up at all of these Modern Arnis events. The fact that he trained under GM Presas would certainly explain that. It is always interesting to see the interpretation when people train in multiple FMA systems and what emerges as a product. I have been very impressed with what I have seen video-wise from the Eskabo camp. I would love to see more. GM Castro seems to be a dynamic teacher. His smile alone, which shows up on all of his videos that I have seen, goes a long way towards describing his joy in performing and teaching FMA.
  15. Taiaha NZ

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    You got a man crush? He first learned from GM D, then afterwards did he go to train with Presas, look at how he moves and what he teaches most of it is not even Kombatan Arnis! Really man it is about truth of where one comes from not making it up when having a TV interview! Sure he loves what he is doing but it started with GM D and Serrada Escrima. Facts and truth that all we have presented??? We are the ones contesting Castro's story against you all who have the majority decision ! Then truth will prevail ! Aloha from Hawaii !!!

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