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Discussion in 'The Den' started by daryl510, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. daryl510

    daryl510 New Member

    Are there any FMA gamers out there?! or have sons or daughters that play.

    Well.. I see a few articles out on the internet about this game and it has also been on the news. I believe an insane amount of people lined up a day before the release which is today.

    Did any one pick up the game? I would like to try it but I dont have a 360.
    I did enjoy playing Halo 1 but I have not played much of it.
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    My son (who is a Modern Arnis lakan) just got an Xbox 360 on Sunday and the game early this morning. He's very excited about it! He also wants Bioshock.

    These games are too complicated for me!
  3. daryl510

    daryl510 New Member

    wow arnisador how awesome is that. Were you generous enough to spend a few hundred to get the 360 for him?
  4. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    We paid (a little more than) half, he paid the other half. We thought that was fair!
  5. medic

    medic Junior Member

    Both my sons aged 16 and 14 play xbox 360s that they have bought themselves. I was just informed by my wife that she brought the older one to town and picked up Halo3. I also agree that these games are too complicated for me! Pong anyone?
  6. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    I just got Halo 3 today. So far, so good!
  7. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    I'm still in PS2 land :D

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