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Discussion in 'Datu's Corner' started by Datu Tim Hartman, Oct 21, 2013.

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    So I decide to dress up for my school Halloween party this past weekend. I figured I would go all in and even dye my hair for the part. I planned as going as Neo from Matrix one. Everyone thought I was the terminator. Either way, they're both Bad-Asses. Now the party is over and I'm stuck with jet black hair. WTF was I thinking??? Fortunately my hair grows fast. Should be gone in a few weeks.

    2013-10-19 14.17.02.jpg 2013-10-19 14.28.47.jpg 2013-10-19 14.29.22.jpg 2013-10-19 15.25.22.jpg
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    Ahh My eyes, My eyes.. Im blind from the reflection in the mirror.

    Have fun

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