WSEF Honors Kuntaw legent GM Arthur Sikes

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    Bedford, Ohio- Recently a grand martial arts masterful affair took place at the "Martial Arts & Fitness School" in Bedford. The school run by Sifu Richard J. Prather II, in collaboration with special guest star instructor Grandmaster Dee has in the past, and is now hosting several top notched martial arts celebrities. On July 19, 2008, the late great Grandmaster Art Sikes was given top honours , and high acknowledgement on behalf of his many accomplishments in the field of martial arts. Many spectators, along with several of Grandmaster Sikes' master graduate students attended this illustrious affair. Long time Sikes Ohio representative Master Greg Mayo came out to pay his respects, and to be present at this unique gala.
    Master Mayo expressed his zeal, and continued committment in continuing the 'Golden Legacy' of his former teacher. From Erie, Pennsylvania came Master Sam Copeland. Copeland trained under Grandmaster Sikes as far back as 1964. Master Copeland was the primary recipient that accepted a gold medal, and an honorary 'Great Grandmaster' certificate on behalf of Grandmaster Sikes. Also on board was Sikes master graduate student; Dexter Ivy. Master Ivy is one of Clevelands finest martial arts instructors. Always ready to serve with humility, Master Ivy assisted in the Gung Fu demonstration portion of the event. Putting a spiritual touch to the Sikes commemoration; was Sikes student Reverend/Master Edmonds. A man of many contrast, Reverend Edmonds represented Grandmaster Sikes in immaculate fashion.
    Master Don Wallace, gave a remarkable Gung Fu demonstration, and answered many of the participants questions. Master Wallace was extremely instrumental in helping to bring the Sikes commemoration together. Filipino martial artist Tony Marcial not ony paid his humble respects to Grandmaster Sikes, he "siked' everyone out with his chain reactional stick, knife, and empty hand tactics. Master Marcial is one of the most highly respected, and prolific martial artist worldwide. Last but not least was the ambassador of martial arts, Grandmaster Dee. Grandmaster Dee gave an exceptional speech, and a Filipino stick fighting performance on behalf of Grandmaster Sikes. Grandmaster Dee was the main instrumentator, and the mastermind behind the Grandmaster Sikes commemoration. Says Grandmaster Dee " There are many untold legends in the history of martial arts, but this was one out of many master's stories that had to be honoured, and acknowledged." Currently Grandmaster Dee is offering classes at the 'All Sar Martial Arts & Fitness School'. The school is located at: 40 Northfield Rd. in Bedford. Additionally, you can catch Grandmaster Dee and other top masters at the upcoming "Martial Arts X-treme Exhibition". The exhibition presented by Northern Wind's Master Greg Mayo, will take place on August 30, 2008. For more information contact Master Mayo or Grandmaster Dee at: (216) 645--0906 or (216) 832-2194.
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    GM Art Sikes was a practitioner of the Reeders kuntao system.. He was one of the longest practicing instructors of this system as taught by GGM Reeders and exhibited the real meaning of Reeders Kuntao during his demonstrations and seminars.. I am a student of Sifu Carl Spitale who knew GM Sikes for decades and spoke highly of him.

    The Maharlika Kuntao family on Guam and in the states offer it's condolences to the family of GGM Sikes and those students of his who will keep the system alive and thriving for years to come.

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