Wrist Knives.

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    Turkana Wrist Knife of Kenya:

    (Two more examples here and here.) OK, how exactly is this used?

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    Hmmm...at first I thought you would palm the back edge with your fingertips (and the cut out section of the blade would be where your forearm rests as you wield it). However, measuring the photos and assuming an average wrist sized hole (using my own wrist as baseline), the blade width is far too short to use it this way.

    I can't see anyuseful/effective way to use it as a weapon, unless you wedge it up your forearm a bit, like a washer on a bolt. That would give you a blade roughly perpendicular to the axis of your forearms, but it seems farfetched. Perhaps there is something more to the weapon system than we are seeing (a thong, clip, bracket, etc)?
  3. arnisador

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    The site says:
    If it's purely ceremonial then I suppose they can do what they want with it; but it doesn't sound that way. I suppose if you had a spear in your hands then this could be used if someone got in too close and tried to grapple? You wouldn't have to let go of the spear and could push out with the back of the forearm, or throw a backfist (backwrist)? I'm not sure either!
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    They are bracelets. The inner leather ring protects the wrist. The outer ring is removed for use. As near as I can tell they are used in short slashing and wiping motions with wrist and forearm rotation.

    In some areas these or similar knives are used in semi-ritualized duels between young men. In others they are considered a woman's weapon.
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    Heh heh heh.

    "Oh, this old thing? Why I just threw it on..." *gash*
  6. arnisador

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    OK, that matches speculation! alone it would seem an awkward weapon, but in conjunction with a spear I could see it being a useful backup/close-quarters option.

    Yes, it mentioned that...it's limited to (awkward) slashing so I suppose it's less likely to kill than a thrusting weapon, but it could still leave some ugly wounds.

    Heh, that makes sense to me!

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