Would you accept a challange in your school?

Discussion in 'General' started by Kali Cowboy, Feb 5, 2008.

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    I would advise that anyone who might consider accepting a challenge would check with the police as well as a good lawyer. Waivers don't have the weight that people give them. I can't tell you how many times I've heard " I don't need insurance, I have them sign a waiver." I can't remember any of them actually being covered.
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    I don't post much but I'll try to up my count a little with this humble submission.

    There’s this unspoken message here though. That we Martial Arts (instructors/practitioners) are invincible. Or, that there is this inviolate obligation to defend the honor of your practice or tradition. Kinda like people who will kill or die for their "God."

    I have been part of one challenge at a school I attended in the Bronx about 30 years ago. Tough guy comes in, has seen Sensei’s movie, starts talking trash. Sensei asks him to please be quiet during the class and they can get together after. Guy keeps talking, sensei (with a smile) asks are you a black belt, guy trashes about I make my own style…Well then you can handle at least one of my students. Richie…I pop up from zazen, take mouthpiece from my gi sleeve go to center of floor and bow. Guy come forward starts to take a stance Sensei commands pay your respects, and dude bows to all of us.

    He throws a couple of flaky roundhouse kicks and makes a couple of bruce lee sounds, I time him to a perfect backfist and reverse punch that folds him over and sends him flying, he’s gasping for air and I’m in mid pounce, “yame” calls sensei and I freeze at the ready. Sensei goes over and helps him get his breath ( a tech I had him teach me) tells him, that’s only one of my beginner green belts, if you’d really like to learn, come another time, make payment and we’ll see. Guy thanked sensei, BOWED on his own to me and the class and left. I was proud to be the upholder of our...what face, style, school...whatever, I was 20something, just out of the Marines and...invincible?

    Now, I hear that a lawyer will not ask a question in court that he does not already know the answer too. How does that relate?

    Sensei, me, any of the girls in class that day, would have wooped this guy, we all knew it the moment he walked in by his manner, so accepting the challenge was easy.

    What about someone you are unsure of ?? NO. You should not accept the challenge. Facing danger unnecessarily does not a brave person make, or a martial artist make.

    Does that mean you are scared, could be. But it also denotes cautious wisdom. Which I believe is among the learnings we should get from true and well rounded martial arts.

    What about someone who is better than you? That same Sensei told us “two types of people will succeed in the martial arts, the righteous diligent, and the psychopath.” why fight in your school, possibly to the death (psychopath, remember) someone who CAN beat you?

    Open Tournament with refs, cool. Assaulted on the street, go for it. Place of business...not so cool.

    You may be willing to face a much better trained and higher skilled psychopath…That doesn’t necessarily prove martial arts skill and mastery. At least for me. It is not legally necessary therefore not particularly righteous, waivers or not, video or not...just my 2 cents (and another post!)

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