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    I recently heard about this seminar and thought it would appeal to the members here. Looks like a great opportunity to train with Kelly Worden.

    "Hello fellow martial artist,

    Kelly S. Worden here, I wanted to take a few minutes of your time and personally invite you to an upcoming training event.

    This is a great opportunity and honestly a rare chance to attend an exclusive Personal Protection Tactical Knife Seminar. I say rare because unlike many instructors within the martial arts industry “I rarely open the door for exclusive knife training.” The exception to this rule is the Annual Water and Steel Training Camp where Knife Tactics have been a instrumental component of the skill sets shared with those who qualifiy.

    Most importantly, “I choose to release the WORTAC Tactical Knife System only to socially conscious and responsible citizens, no others need apply! “

    After years of teaching the WORTAC Knife Tactics System exclusively to N.S.I. Instructors, Special Forces, and Law Enforcement this system has now been filmed and documented by Paladin Press - 21st Century Knife Combat. Now is your chance to experience the same functional dynamic material that I present on DVD. This method of instruction offers you a great opportunity to "Really get it right!" No gaps, missed techniques, or unexplained concepts, this is an intensive learning experience

    The WORTAC Tactical Knife System is one of the most complete training systems ever developed, tactically efficient and time proven, many main stream instructors from different styles have integrated concepts of the WORTAC system into their programs.

    The logic of finally releasing the system exclusively to Paladin Press is to set the record straight! From this point forward let there be little question as to how the system was formulated and how it truly “Connects the Systems!”

    You are now invited to experience the real progression and methodology first hand from me, Kelly S. Worden! That's correct, “I will personally teach this exclusive course directly to you!”

    This specific program is limited to 20 attendees, it is my desire to provide the most comprehensive training I can offer. This Certification program will consist of Twelve (12) Total Hours of Training divided into "Four (4) Three (3) Hour Segments."


    The WORTAC Tactical Knife Program will be held October 25th & 26th 2008

    Morning Session 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon

    Lunch Break 12:00 Noon to 12:50 P.M.

    Afternoon Session 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

    Cost is $275.00 for Pre-Registration before October 20th. 2008

    Cost after October 20th. 2008 is $350.00

    Kelly S. Worden’s Integrated Martial Arts and Fitness

    12811 Canyon Road E Puyallup WA 98373

    For questions or to register: Contact Vivian @ 253-539-2831 or wordensimaf@live.com"
  2. Bill Bednarick

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    Bumped up and 1 week away!

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