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    I am posting a mail of Dan Anderson here and adding my comment afterwards.

    Dan Anderson:

    I am happy to announce the founding of the Worldwide Brotherhood of Modern Arnis. This was done at the Remy Presas Memorial Festival this last July in the Philippines.

    The mission/vision statement reads as follows:

    Bound by the principles of honor, autonomy, equality, respect and recognition regardless of political inclination, cultural differences and religeous beliefs, we bind ourselves together for the purpose of preserving and promoting the legacy of Modern Arnis.

    We hereby establish a brotherhood of Modern Arnis practitioners to give meaning and reality to the art.

    We are committed to accomplish this purpose through cooperation, exchange of ideas and knowledge, promotion of solidarity and brotherly love.

    Through these, we shall continue and strengthen the legacy of Modern Arnis.

    Founding Members -
    • Common Sense Self Defense/Street Combat (CSSD/SC) Bram Frank
    • Deutscher Arnis Verband e.V. (DAV) Dieter Knuttel
    • International Modern Arnis Federation, Philippines (IMAFP) (Cristino Vasquez, Rene Tongson, Samuel Dulay and many others) (addition from me)
    • Modern Arnis 80 (MA-80) Dan Anderson
    • Russian ArnisFederation (RAF)
    • Arnis International - Rodel Dagooc
    • Cruzada Arnis - Jerry DeLaCruz
    There are several points about the Brotherhood which I am particulary pleased about. First is that each member is considered an autonomous organization. This means there will be no interference in the organization itself from the Brotherhood - no imposing of certain ranking or curriculum requirements or internal gradings. In short, DAV will continue to be DAV and MA-80 will continue to be MA-80 without our older brothers telling us what to do. It is recognized that the Professor's is very broad and that each of us are fulfilling that legacy in our own way.

    Second is that there is only one Grand Master of Modern Arnis and that is Remy Presas. The senior most ranking within Modern Arnis is Senior Master. Cristino Vasquez, who is the highest ranked student of Remy Presas (I've seen his 9th degree cert) and is still only Senior Master within Modern Arnis. It is recognized that a member may be a Grand Master in a different art (example: Rene Tongson is GM of Tres Puntas de Abanico) but within the Modern Arnis framework still a Senior Master. Roberto Presas is listed in IMAFP as Grand Master but he is holding the title for his brother, Remy.

    Thirdly, the initial duties of the Brotherhood is one of holding events and one of information exchange. There will be a WBMA website in the near future. In the summer of 2007 Dieter Knuttel is holding a 50th anniversary of Modern Arnis training camp in Germany. More on that from Dieter in the future.

    I am very happy that the Brotherhood is an outgrowth of the successful Remy Presas Memorial Festival and I look forward to its growth in the future.

    Dan Anderson

    I, formyself, I talked already in 2003 with the Masters and Grandmasters in Manila about this and I am really happy, that it came true.
    We want to set positive points for Modern Arnis, work positive for a great future of Modern Arnis.
    We all have the same roots, even though we are all different.
    We accept this and we will work together. We all came together in the Philippines to found this brotherhood and to set a sign against seperation but towards cooperation and friendship. This is, what the brotherhood shall stand for.

    Already now, through the present organisations, the Brotherhood has groups in the following countries: Philippines, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, England, Italy, Slowenia, Bosnia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and mybe more, that I am not aware of right now.

    We hope, other groups will see the positive impact, that we will try to achieve with this Worldwide Brotherhood of Modern Arnis and that they might join us in the future.

    One of the first contributions of the brotherhoood to the Modern Arnis world will be the publisihing of an interview with Master Romy "Bibing" Lisondra, who started to train with the Professor in 1958 until early 1970ies, and who was an assistent instructor to GM Remy during his time in Bacolod and in the beginning in Manila. He also was the man, who did all the drawings for the pink Modern Arnis book.
    I was fortunate to meet him in Bacolod/Negros Occidental, and to make a long interview with himm which I could record, so that his answers will be preserved.

    Regarding the Grandmasters in the Philippines you are correct, that there are no intentions to instal a new Modern Arnis Grandmaster there.

    Still, all independent groups have of course the right, to announce, elect or whatever the Grandmaster of their group. Like Bram Frank, Grandmaster of CSSD/SC, Rodel Dagooc, Grandmaster of Arnis International, Jerry de la Cruz, Grandmaster of Arnis Cruzada. So the title belongs to the organisation and nobody tries to replace GM Remy, which would not be possible anyway, as we all know.

    We all are looking forward to the 10 Modern Arnis summercamp in Germany, which is also the 2nd meeting of the Brotherhood and the celebration of 50 years of Modern Arnis: 1957 - 2007.
    More details will follow, when we can share them. We hope, there will be a lot of international participants.


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    Good luck!

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