World Serrada Escrima Federation Cleveland, Ohio Seminar

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    On April 19th and 20th, 2008, the Prather Kung Fu Academy in Cleveland, Ohio was the scene of the most recent Davis Cabales Serrada Seminar held outside of the system's home base of Sacramento, California. Guest starring Punong Guro Tony Marcial of the Marcial Tirada System, Guro Michael Schwarz with primary appearance of Grand Master Anthony Davis; this local all star event boasted a the valued teachings of these great systems to an eager and most appreciative seminar audience. Academy owner, Sifu Jacob Prather, opened his Kung
    Fu school to basic and advanced martial arts practitioners as well as the curious from around Ohio.

    The event opened with the illustrious and fascinating stick, knife & empty hand mastery of Punong Guro Tony Marcial. PG Marcial wowed the onlookers with lightening speed. The transition techniques between stick, knife & empty hand was a dazzling display. PG Marcial in his always humble & jovial personality won admiration from all who attended.

    It is a wonder that this humble man is the best kept secret of the Filipino Martial Arts in Ohio.

    After introductions and an overview of the Cabales Serrada Eskrima system as founded by the late Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales, everyone got to work. First up was showing the 12 Angles of Attack as practiced by Cabales Serrada practitioners worldwide. As one could expect, seminar participants started out somewhat overwhelmed by the material covered but as the weekend progressed, they got the hang of things and quick! Besides being shown what the 12 angles represent, participants went through each of the stances, positions and strikes by the numbers.

    Hungering for more, the majority of the weekend was spent introducing seminar participants to inside/outside deflections as well as cross block deflections. Working with the first angle of attack due to time constraints, participants learned about the counters to this angle of attack as well as
    Preparations for other level attacks. Instruction in the flow picking drill of lock & block was the other major demonstration point to be covered during the fast paced weekend seminar.

    Exhausted but happy, participants left with new appreciation for the teachings of Punong Guro Tony Marical; his style of Marcial Tirada Kali & GGM Cabales and the Davis Cabales system of Serrada Eskrima.
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