World Fighting For Lives Weekend

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    For the first time ever, martial arts events will be held simultaneously across the world to raise money for children in need! The events will be held by respected martial arts instructors.

    As part of this great event, Malmo Martial Arts will be conducting a seminar on Saturday, November 14th in Bentonville, Arkansas. All proceeds will be donated to the Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter!

    DATE: November 14th
    TIME: 10AM – 4PM
    WHERE: Phillips Park
    COST: $50 Donation

    TOPICS: Guro John R. Malmo will be providing hands on instruction of the Filipino Martial Arts and Kuntao Silat including knife drills and ground fighting.

    For more information about Fighting for Lives, visit:

    You may also contact us at:
    (479) 640-4455

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