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  1. arnisador

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    Wekaf final qualifiers on Sunday at Coliseum

    This was a main page Sports story on today's web site for the Sun.Star (Cebu).

    An older story on WEKAF (11 August 2005):
    Wekaf turns 11 today
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  3. arnisador

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    US-based Cebuano earns best teacher award from Wekaf

    I have not been able to find results of the January competition on-line! An older story (from 5 July 2005):

    Diony: We will get back Wekaf title in Orlando

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    British Escrima Championships.

    Hat trick

    A brief story on one winner at the recent British Escrima Championships in Bristol.

    Martial Arts: Stick fighting brings Jacob British double

    A Nov. 2005 article on the same competitor:

    A search for escrima on the site brings up more stories on Jacob Stewart.
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  7. arnisador

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    Mariah Moore (and Ric "Bong" Jornales).

    Karate kid takes on the world

  8. arnisador

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    Preparations for WEKAF.

    Arnisadors to fight in local contest Before US tourney

  9. arnisador

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    U. of Cebu.

    UC withdraws from Arnis World Championship in Florida

  10. cuebol

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    9th World Stick Fighting Championships Results

    I was just wondering if anybody had, or knows where I can find the results for the tournament in Orlando, Florida. My friends are participating and I was wondering how they did.

  11. The Boss

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    The event is still running.
  12. arnisador

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    The website for the 2006 tournament is here, but I don't see even partial results posted yet. The posted schedule has today as the last day of planned events, though the page before it had it listed as going through tomorrow.
  13. cuebol

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    Yeah I know the event is going on. I talked to my friend this morning, but his cellphone battery died.

    If I get any information from them I'll pass it along on here!
  14. Dec

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    I'm wondering how its going also. Before the team from my school left they mentioned espn2 might pick up some events. Any have any anformation?



    If anyone knows how Mr. Carlos Patalinghug's kick connection group is doing let me know, they seem to win alot :).
  15. WT_ATL

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    I just got back from the WEKAF World Tournament. Unfortunately, I was only able to be there during the Invitationals. I heard there were over 200 competitors during the week.

    Tom will be in Orlando until will be in Orlando until Wednesday. I would expect the results to be posted some time after.

    As far as the Invitationals, it went extremely well. There weren't a lot of people left, but the ones that stayed to compete an watch were top notch. Teams from Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, plus about 15-20 others partcipated. The new padded stick division was a great success! I'll have videos posted on our website shortly.

  16. arnisador

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    Some results from the Phil. team.

    RP bags 13 golds

  17. James

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    The WEKAF world tournament in Orlando ended last week. Has anyone seen any results posted? I've looked and haven't found any. I'd like to know how the USA team did.
  18. arnisador

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    Partial Orlando Results.

    Stick fighting champion
    Postman rises rapidly in 15 months

  19. arnisador

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    Mariah Moore at WEKAF (see earlier post, previous page).

    Alto girl eanrs world championships in martial arts

    (The spurious ?? is in the original article.)
  20. arnisador

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    More WEKAF Results!

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=+2] Going for gold[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=+1]
    Two Rivers natives win high honors at stick fighting competition[/SIZE][/FONT]

    Excellence on the World Stage

    Teen stick fighter to get Capitol award tonight


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