Wolverine Sequels Already in the Works.

Discussion in 'The Den' started by arnisador, May 6, 2009.

  1. arnisador

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    Wolverine Sequel Already in the Works

    Wolverine's Ryan Reynolds Dives In for Deadpool Spinoff

  2. pguinto

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    RIAA screams that piracy is cutting into profits. Well despite their bitching, and a leaked Workprint, the Wolverine movie still grossed millions opening day/weekend. I admit that i (along with other family members) viewed the workprint but im a huge wolverine fanboi. And despite that, we all still watched the movie this weekend. yes we paid good money to watch it even though we all saw it already (albeit unfinished). furthermore my nephew threw a birthday viewing party at the theater for a buncha friends.

    on top of it i cant wait for the dvd, im gonna buy that too. im a supporter of everything wolverine. im gonna keep it next to my wolverine bobblehead, lol

    the sequel's gonna be in japan, so you know he's gonna be fighting the Hand's (Yakuza) Ninjas, train with Ogun (samurai master), hope Silver Samurai shows up so he can get whupped, and i hope we see Madripoor, a ficticious Pacific Island where cutthroat theivesworld-types make up its denizens. I wonder if he marries Mariko, i bet you she dies too. all of wolvie's ladies die for some reason...

    btw wolvie pWnz bratman, err i mean, batwuss, oops i mean, you all know who i mean.....

    the Deadpool movie should be cool, his endgame fight sequence was wicked (although it reminded me of a mortal kombat character). im pretty sure Wade will have his ol sarcarstic mouth yappin away and probly a buncha safety pins for his neck
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  3. sharon.gmc

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    is that for real? i'm so excited.
  4. arnisador

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    I still haven't seen the movie!!!
  5. WuLord187

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    Hey hey now, don't down play Batman, beside Bale did kill Jackman in the Prestige.

    Even though Wolverine was way off tangent from the comics it was still a good film and better than the previous X-Men hopefully the next film will get a larger budget.

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