Winter 2013-14 DBMA Training Camp

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    Woof All:

    We are beginning to plan for the next DBMA Training Camp and would like some feedback as to what months/dates work best for people.

    The previous camp was DLO Gun with Frankie McRae and the one before that was DLO Knife/Anti-Knife with GM Art Gonzaltes and the one before that was Kali Tudo with Kenny Johnson.

    With this one the cycle comes back around to Real Contact Stickfighting and the guest instructor will be DBMA Guro Matt "Boo Dog" Booe.

    Off the top of my head, amongst the areas to be covered:

    *Close Guard: I will be sharing my close guard game (something previously unshared)

    Long Guard: Guro Boo will be showing his long guard/getting up from guard game-- they are now part of DBMA curriculum

    Anti-Guard: Also now part of DBMA curriculum is Guro Boo's anti-guard we call "Dog Leg Game";

    *Agility Drills: a few things I picked up from Chris Gizzi here, but mostly this will be Boo;

    *The Time Machine; including its subsets of The Kalimba Game and the Bolo Game; A recent development of mine about which I am quite excited.

    * Fight analysis, tactics and strategies for different kinds of opponents;

    Of course all of this material interfaces with Kali Tudo and DLO--after all in DBMA we seek "Consistency across categories".

    Anyway, for the moment we are looking to see when makes most sense to hold the Camp. January? February? March? etc. Any particular weekends to avoid (e.g. during the DB Canadian Gathering of the Pack in February, Superbowl weekend, etc)?

    Marc/Guro Crafty

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