wing chun response to slashing knife attack

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    I've been training in Wing Chun for 12 years and teaching for 7 and Michael is quite right to say you can learn Wing Chun in 3yrs, given a couple of 2hr sessions a week you'll be on the right track, you'll at least know what you're aiming for with the system. If you're not seeing a blade for 10 years then you're being well and truly ripped off and your teacher is taking the piss.

    As far as the clip is concerned, I'm not going into names for techniques as most have at least a couple of spellings (often depending on lineage) but yes, it looks like Wing Chun to me, it may not be trad. Chinese Wing Chun and it does look more like a Wing Chun/Latosa mix. Wing Chun is almost always taught as "strike in the first instance" but as there is a knife in play fair enough for making the knife safe first.

    In Wing Chun mode I wouldn't take this attack in this manner, as soon as my right hand had passed the knife of to my left at the bottom of the arc I would use a Tok Sau(Raising hand) with my right straight under the chin and try for a neck break. In Arnis mode, I'd do what he did.

    As far as Wing Chun is concerned 99% of Western Wing Chun comes from the students of one man, Ip Man and usually you won't find 2 schools doing the same art the same way so don't get hung up on it, ain't worth the hassle, take the best bits from everyone and make it your own.

    And if anyone is interested here's how I teach
    1st form is just basic movements and structure, I will also teach Pak/punch, Dan Chi Sao and other simple ! handed drills at this stage.
    2nd form is the applications of the movements already learnt, I start my students on this fairly quick, 4 to 6 months, all the applications you will need are in here, I also start them on Chi Sao at this stage. Depending on the student a good year can be spent here.
    Next comes the Dummy Form, this teaches to combine applications, to flow from one techique to the other, at this point sparring comes into play.
    Pole form is next and is so obviously not a wing Chun form, pretty much everything is dare I say "wrong". It does however give us some stamina and even bigger forearms!!
    No time spent here at all, a couple of evenings, should be noted however I do this form evey day.
    3rd form, emergency techniques for being caught out of position, designed to get you back to 2nd form applications,there's always contention about this form, don't know why, it's not that good a form and if a student finds they keep using it then quite simply, they haven't understood the 2nd form at all.
    Finally the Knives, quick to learn because most of the moves are already programmed by now, not a particulaly good form either, remimnds me of a half remembered Shoalin form to be honest, yes I am saying it's a half remebered form and of little use. though if you take the time and do the form empty handed there are some "different " applications in there.
    All said and done, 3 years tops.

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