Willem DeThouars in Chicago Il.

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  1. Mas Judt

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    Willem "Uncle Bill" DeThouars will be conducting a very special one-day KunTao Silat seminar in Chicago.

    When: November 15th 9am - 2pm
    Where: 810 W. Montrose (FREE PARKING!)

    Uncle Bill is a treasure in the SEAsian martial arts community, and this is a rare chance to see him in the Midwest. He comes from a family of famous Silat players, but his lifetime of practice presents many influences from numerous silat and Kuntao systems that this free-thinking warrior crafted into a personal art. Join us for a fun, politics free exploration East Javanese Silat and Hakka KunTao. No matter what you practice, you'll walk away with fresh insights by learning from a man who lived a life where martial arts were not a hobby, but essential for survival.

    Complete details can be found at www.studiogaruda.com, on FaceBook and Silat.tv
  2. Shaun

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    Have a great seminar. I am sure it will be excellent.Wish I could attend!

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