Willem de Thouars "Uncle Bill" Seminar

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    Sunday January 27, 2008 at 2:00 pm
    Bob Austin's International Black Belt Academy
    1833 E. Harmony Rd. Fort Collins
    970 204-9977
    Willem de Thouars "Uncle Bill"
    Teaches his Kun Tao Silat de Thouars, with his "Salad Bowl" blend of Indonesian and Chinese styles. Devastatingly effective fighting arts will complement any style. Down to earth techniques anyone can use.

    Wayne Welsh "The Old Dragon"
    Uncle Wayne's internal Ying Lung Hsing system incorporates the "Three Internals" of Bagua, Tai chi, and Hsing-I with a blend of techniques methods learned over a lifetime of martial arts practice. With a strong emphasis on the internal Uncle's Bagua is a rare treat.

    Guru Daniel Prasetya
    Guru Daniel is a unique and talented teacher of Indonesian Fighting Arts. Guru Daniel has organized the arts taught to him by his Uncle and his Great Grandfather into Persatuan Pencak Silat Inti Ombak. Guru Daniel is uncommonly proficient in bladed weapons and has exceptional internal skills as well.
    This Special Event is being held as a benefit for a fellow martial artist who has incurred some expensive medical bills. A donation of $25 (more if you can) is an incredible deal for instruction with any one of these teachers, let alone all of them. So be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and help a fellow martial artist in need.
    Directions: Take I-25 north to Harmony Rd exit. Go west on Harmony Rd. ½ block past Timberline. Turn left (south), then turn right into the shopping center. The school is located behind Coldstone Ice Cream Store.

    For more information you can call the school at 970-204-9977.

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