Why Modern Arnis?

Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by Bob Hubbard, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Bob Hubbard

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    Theres easily a few thousand different arts out there. Modern Arnis isn't a "main stream" art in the US or Canada, where TKD seems to be the star. So, why Modern Arnis?

    This is a good question for the seniors and long-timers here as well. What drew you into Arnis, and what made you stay?


    Personally, I've always liked the simplicity of the art in the beginner stages, evolving to a more complex and flowing rhythm as you gain progression. I'm not there yet, but, one of these days. :)
  2. Alakd'an

    Alakd'an New Member

    This was the first Martial Art I was ever exposed to in 1980. Since then I have studied Kali, Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Judo, Shorin Ji Kempo, Sakura Warrior Arts Karate/Jujutsu, and Tai Chi. I always come back to Modern Arnis, I think for its simplicity, the flow, how I can connect many different techniques into Modern Arnis and no matter where the technique comes from, it becomes Modern Arnis. I don't know if that make sense......but the ability to flow from one technique to another and counter the counter, has always fascinated me. You are only limited in your ability to imagine or experiment with different tactics and techniques. Our club experiments with different Tapi-Tapi configurations and flowing with your opponent when cane sparring, brings a whole new level of understanding where the "Flow" can lead to the next counter. Its just a fun art to play and experiment with. Just my 2 cents.
    Ben Harrison
  3. KrissOfSweden

    KrissOfSweden Member

    The reason that i began learn modern arnis, was that the club i was learnig from then had switch from an organisation and at the same time i got a contact that were in the same organisation, so i diddn't want to lose my conctact with my teacher at my former club and he did modern arnis. So it became natural for to hope on that train to. There were other reasons to learn modern arnis, the fact that modern arnis press on the use of the left hand already in the begining.

    The reason I stay is that I love the fma arts, i want to learn as much as i can. There aren't to much fma styles that interest me and has a good teacher.
    With datu tim hartman comeing to sweden and teach me stuff is just a BIG plus and BIG inspirationell source. Datu Tim Hartman should have a big thanks because of his trips over to sweden and for the inspiration that his presence gives.
    Forever greatful.

  4. arnisador

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    For me it was serendipity. Mr. Hartman and I were friends in high school. When he started doing Modern Arnis (and I was still a karateka), he began showing me some stuff. After a couple of years, I decided to quit playing around and get serious at it!
  5. Ron B

    Ron B Junior Member

    I have trained in several different martial arts including kickboxing,jujitsu and tkd.when I was training in jujitsu my teacher mentioned kali and he showed me some techniques.I had heard about kali,arnis and escrima before but where I live there was no place to train in it that I knew of.a a seminar I met a guy who told me he was going to a tournament in Vancouver to compete in a big martial arts tournament called the tiger balm.they have a padded weapon tournament in it.I talked to my teacher to teach me more kali he taught me some more techniques but the rest of the class was more geared to jujitsu so I did not learn much.then I read an article in the paper about the guy that I met John Tirone who fought in the tigerbalm.a few weeks later I did a search on the net and contacted him.He trained with a guy out west in Vancouver and later with Shishir Innocalla.for a few years before he left to go teach English I took private lessons from him.I fell in love with the art right away.what I like about Modern Arnis is that the same motions that are done with the stick can be done with a knife or other weapon and the empty hand as well.the movements can also work well off of natural body reactions such as a flinch.there is not a day that I dont do some practicing in Modern Arnis.
  6. Enoch

    Enoch New Member

    I had been training in other styles of FMA's, escrima/Kali, then I attended a Modern Arnis seminar & once I saw the Professor demonstrating Tapi-Tapi on Master Ken Smith, I was hook. I was truly impressed with the fluidity & how easily it was taught & learned. I also feel it is an all encompassing art form, which i truly value. Since that day, I have been a student of Arnis ever since.
  7. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    Why modern Arnis

    ill take this on a differant perspective since most seem to be telling why they do it.I will tell Why that art & what it has to offer.Lets start with lineageStoke had corto-Jose gave obinico & kuntao.So the close cutting kuntao.Now Remy had Balintawak & verious others he studied.Ernesto studied the family art.Both have great Evolutions or ways they evovled their skills.They did have them joined & it was Awsome.Since the split it seems the art split into many differant as well.Reguardless of the names or ranks.It offers a well rounded art in wepons-empty hands-self esteam-history-self descovery.& we cant forget the biggest,Ill end it with a quote from Remy that stayed with me & I feel says it all.Its beautiful-I want everyone to learn.Its easy & will keep you safe when you know it-You know.
  8. eskrimador

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    Modern Arnis is the most popular school of stickifighting in its country of origin and in other countries. Thru the initiative of Presas brothers Arnis, as Filipino art of stick fighting became known to the world. Modern Arnis struggled the decade of 70`s in the Philippines against its extinction because of the popularity of other Asian martial arts, then became a success. Integrated now in Physical Education subjects and military training.

    Modern Arnis as we call it because its characterize the modern attitude of a warrior in a modern world. This means developing the art of stick fighting with the incorporation of other effective martial arts.
  9. stick fighter

    stick fighter New Member

    I like arnis because collect of many arts in one art .

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