Why is your system the best?

Discussion in 'General' started by Kali Cowboy, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. greg808

    greg808 PSDE Main Branch

    I don't think a death match will prove which style is better. First you must ask yourself why do you train. Many train for different reasons. I don't think you will ever find the best if your counting on death matches, since being outlawed...
  2. geezer

    geezer Member

    Call my values warped, but when it comes to a "death match", if all that is at stake is pride and "who's system is better", I believe that the better man WILL walk away...without fighting! Now, if there is more at stake, like protecting yourself, your family, or your countrymen, like in the famous match between Juan Latosa and the nameless Japanese bo master, then you must fight.
  3. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    Cause it just is...

    And that's the bottom line cause The Phalanx said so... :bigun2:
  4. silat1

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    This is my comment to this remark

  5. el maldito de cebu

    el maldito de cebu New Member

    all system are great and unique but there is always a better system if anyone who is a student here and can read this I encourage them to cross train to different systems to see the principles of what they are looking for. but make sure if you cross train atleast you mastered some art because if you just keep on crosstraining maybe you end up on nothing but confusion.

    el maldito de cebu
  6. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    System doesn't mean a damn thing....it is the metal of the man behind the system. You can be a 10the degree bad ass black belt...a Grand Poo-bah of your families ancient system, or a Grandmaster in Who Flung Poo..if you don't have the nuts, the heart to pull the trigger in crunch time then it all goes into file 13. Hell, I know guys, tough son of a bucks who have never studied a damn thing except, beer mug foo, ass kick ryu and whatever euphemism we can think of...but they will fight, scrap, shoot, cut at the drop of a hat. They don't hold life near so precious as most, theirs or yours for that matter. So if you think because you study this system or cross train in that system your gonna be more ready to rock then I have some bad news for you....as I said if you can't hit the button in crunch time you might as well take up ballet.
  7. el maldito de cebu

    el maldito de cebu New Member

    ya an art is an art guro michael but no body is harder enough to stop a speeding bullet.... ehehhehehe
  8. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

  9. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    I can!

    My anting-anting stops bombs & bullets, I can kill people with my Chi blasts while I use The Force to move tanks with my mind...


  10. el maldito de cebu

    el maldito de cebu New Member

    My anting-anting stops bombs & bullets, I can kill people with my Chi blasts while I use The Force to move tanks with my mind...



    wahjahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahha!!! stonger than APC:idea:

  11. Dawn

    Dawn New Member

    death matches and anting-antings

    >> Reminds me of old Kung Fu movies where if a teacher/master walks without fighting or gets really beat up, ALL his students immediately scurry away to learn the style of the master who fought and won; the students begging him "Teach me, teach me!!" :eek: hee hee

    Wahahahahaha!! Phalanx, don't miss the time for your oracion, or that anting anting won't work for a week!
  12. tellner

    tellner New Member

    Death Matches?

    Oh, for ****'s sake. If there's anything stupider than beating each other to death over fine points of a martial arts curriculum I have yet to hear it. At least if it were over a girl the survivor might get to have sex.

    Styles don't fight styles. Men fight men. And only the really young or really dumb get themselves killed over that kind of foolishness.
  13. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Brit with a stick

    Mine is the best because I want it to be and it works because I want it to.

    Mind you which ever one I done it would work for me, because I want it to and it would be the best because I want it to be.

    Best regards

  14. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    Because *I* am a part of it!! :biggrinbo (Kidding!!)

    In all seriousness...my system is the best because of my teachers. The biggest baddest bestest system in the world mean squat to me if I can't utilize it to my advantage. :AR15firin
  15. Bobbe

    Bobbe Member

    Because of the cupcakes. My wife makes outstanding cupcakes, and I serve Chimay Grande Reserve beer.

    I don't think it's they style, or system. I think it's the teacher more than anything else. I have a student who has been with me for over 10 years, and he recently told me that he was originally looking for something closer to Jiu Jitsu, but stayed and trained with me instead because he thought I was a good teacher. I was a little amazed at this. "You mean you switched arts just to train with me?" I asked.

    "Well, yeah" he replied "A good teacher makes all the difference, no matter WHAT his subject is.

    This has been on my mind for a while now...Do you train what you do, believe it to be the best because of the techniques found in your particular system, or has someone taught it so well to you that it just clicks better than anything?

    Could it be that there are other systems and styles out there even better than yours, but the right teacher for them (and you) hasn't come along yet?
  16. tellner

    tellner New Member

    And the dog biscuits. Don't forget the dog biscuits, Bobbe.
  17. Rapier

    Rapier RHC

    well said Scubamatt
    This reminds me of what Great Grandmaster Pedoy once said when asked which Art or system he thought was best and his reply was the one I’m doing because it’s been good to me. So if your system or style has been good to or for you then at that time it’s the best. Remember it’s all about growing both as an individual and a martial artist and as we grow older and wiser you will see this. That’s why we try to go to seminars to see what the other guy has that you might be missing and vice versa. Derobio has been good to me, it has allowed me to meet some really great people in many styles and systems of FMA as well as helping me get inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame. But in the end all styles are good if you can benefit from them whether it is Physically, Mentally, Morally, or spiritually. The key is to grow.
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  18. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    No better..No best..No right..No wrong...it simply is. And the IS ..is left up for individuals to figure out and make it work for them. It may be the teacher, it may be the donuts, it may be the biscuits..some like chocolate others saw dust...who are we to say? I have found my niche and it is to my liking.....if people like the same niche I am here, if not there is always another hurdygurdy man singing songs of love around the corner, who knows he may have the best or at least saw dust. In the long run it is all bubble gum......
  19. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Brit with a stick

    Yeah.... You see, it's the bubble gum saw dust thing by a good hurdygurdy love song singer chocolate dog biscuits donuts eating kind a guy that makes mine the best.... That's what I meant to say, but this other guy with the other whojamacallsit said it first sorta thing.....

    Funny that made sense....:beer2:
  20. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Funny thing is I understood everything you just said Pat..LOL.....damn I ned to lay off the thorazine......LOL

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