who is head master ???

Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by stick fighter, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. stick fighter

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    Hi my brothers .

    who is head in meadle east in modern arnis??

    or who is head of arnis in miaddle east

    at federation arnis ??? and what about arnis

    in miaddle east ?

    thank you .
  2. eskrimador

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    With regards to Official Representative of Modern Arnis there in Mid East, there are many MA practitioners in Riyadh and Jeddah. A group of Pet Nicolas and Guido Fajardo are there in Riyadh, but I think Mr. Fajardo is the official rep of IMAFP for middle east. In Jeddah, I think Joel Anajao, still there, but he is very private with regards to connection from IMAFP.But he still a respected guy known by IMAFP people, and still recognizing them as an important part of IMAFP.
  3. kruzada

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  4. stick fighter

    stick fighter New Member


    thank you eskrimador

    what about mr: joil any art he teaching ?

    what is the difrent between godo and joil ?

    what is the best ...how rank mr:godo and mr:joil

    thank you also krusada .
  5. eskrimador

    eskrimador New Member

    All I can say is Mr. Fajardo is older that Mr. Anajao.Godo and Anajao were active in IMAFP for many years. Mr. Fajardo is currently active in IMAFP, while Mr. Anajao is working in mid east as bodyguard. Joel Anajao is a martial artist and a fighter he is not contented to only one art, I know his favorite art is kenjutsu and saber fencing. But he is also a good kata and kumite player before representing the country in ASEAN and in Okinawa competitions. While Godo Fajardo is a teacher of mixed tae kwon do and karate and modern arnis.

    With regards to ranks, Godo acquire a higher rank from IMAFP maybe last year from Bambit Dulay. Joel he got lakan tatlo (3rd) rank from Ernesto and lakan apat (4th) from Remy, but I think for him rank is not important, as he said to me before that belt is only for uniform, when youre in the street you can use it only as whip and a tie.As I know Mr. Anajao is only a 4th degree black belt in Goju Ryu up to now, even he started karate as early as six years old. He is my classmate before in a university, I saw him how he slammed down his tae kwon do and yawyan opponents in the street. And I think he used to share his skills to both military and communist rebels during 80's.

    Mr. Fajardo is a good player on arnis during 70's. And a good teacher and coach in tae kwon do and arnis. He produce many good players, as I seen during 90's in most IMAFP tournament his players and Anajao's players are always competing in the final rounds.

    I'm sure these two guys are not only practitioners of Modern Arnis, both of them are really stick fighters who prove themselves in in the tournaments and in the street fights, as compare to those presently high ranking MA practitioners in the Philippines.

    It is better if you train with these two great guys.
  6. ffai12345

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    magandang araw po..kinokumosra po kayo mas. godo, ni sir ronie rivera dito kami ngayon sa samar. ffai parin po yong iprinopromote namin..kailangan po namin magkaroon ng kumonikasyon sa inyo...salamat po..

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