Who did Nene learn from?

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    If Nene's dad was killed in the war, and he did not live with Conrado. Who did he learn from and when? Like i said he lived over 100 miles from Conrado so how did he do it? Travel was difficult at the time ,the war had just ended and people where just getting there lives together. He studied with Juan Luwan and GM Chavez and had no training in the family system that i know of until later so what's up? As far as i know Dekiti is his own system not the Tortal family system.So what do you think? I think he saw chance for the limelight and made the whole thing up.
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    Have you talked with Grand Tuhon Tortal?

    First, this post should probably be on the DTS Fourm. Nevertheless, from whom do you get your information? Have you talked with Grand Tuhon Tortal Personally? As far as I know after his father was killed (by the Japanese) he did live and train with Conrado his uncle...

  3. Karl

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    Why u dont stop putting charcoal in the fire!!!

    Were you there when GM Nene was a young boy? Do you know for sure what you are saying?As far as you know "Dekiti is not the Tortal family system" Oh really wow....
    What do you want to gain with all of this????
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    What do you want to gain with all of this????[/quote]

    Exactly. Yes it should be in the other section, if you dont practice the style nor care about it why even ask a question. If you want to police the martial arts, I can say from experince, there is nothing to be done. All scamers will with time be in the light.
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    BTW, I in no way think GT NENE is a scamer or fraud.
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    never mind...
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  7. Brian R. VanCise

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    I think really this can be summed up like this:

    GM Nene does DTS

    GM Gaje does PTK

    They both belong to the same family but each have their own distinct art.

    Hooray, it has been figured out. Now hopefully both sides can just train and have fun. [​IMG]

  8. Brock

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    I agree.
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    I don't know of any informed parties to that question that don't have vested interest in particular answers on either side. As long as both grandmasters are teaching legitimate skills proficiently(which seems likely, as they demonstrated together often), then I don't see that it matters all that much who's right, except insamuch as whom you want to associate with personally.
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    Why start this thread over again when it has already been shut down by the moderators already>

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