which fmas compete?

Discussion in 'General' started by lonecoyote, Nov 15, 2005.

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    Which FMAs compete, stickfighting or any other way. Is WEKAF the only organization for FMAs competition?
  2. Datu Tim Hartman

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    As far as Modern Arnis goes, we in the WMAA do. I'm not sure about the other MA orgs.
  3. JohnJ

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    There are very few tournament hosts on the same scale as the WEKAF Organization because they evolved as one of the pioneers of sport arnis. I believe Arnis Philippines is a sponsor for the SEA Games but is local.

    Here is a list of some U.S. tournaments I've participated in or know of that are held regularly.

    Bakbakan Gatherings in New Jersey
    PIMA (WEKAF) Invitational in New Jersey
    Kali Labanan in Maryland
    The Edge in Texas
    World Kali Championships in Delaware
    Cold Steel Challenge in California
    Blade Simulator in New York

    NON-competition is the Dog Brothers Gathering

    Hope this helps!

    John G. Jacobo
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    In England there is the non-competition Black Eagle Society
    as well as the non-competition Black Eagle Evolution(inspired by the Black Eagle method of fighting).

    PHILSILAT(Philippine Pencak Silat Assoc.) competes in PERSILAT(international Pencak Silat Federation) events.

    There is an arnis section of the SEA games.

    Many Yaw-yawn practitioners are competeing in the Muay Thai portition of the SEA games.

    There are MMA competitions such as Fearless in the Philippines that have fighters representing Boltong(Ifugao wrestling), Dumog, Pangamut, Yaw-yawn, as well as BJJ, Graco-roman, Muay Thai, and Boxing.

    I understand past kickboxing events in the PI before the MMA scene you would see Bakbakan Sagasa fighters vs. Yaw-yawn fighters vs. Tatkuntao fighters.
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    WEKAF is not the only organization, it's just the largest. There are other competition groups. There are also a lot of chances for fighting at small competitions outside of an umbrella organization. And recently there's been a number of chances to fight in non-FMA tournaments against japanese, korean, and chinese stylists.

    I would also like to echo John J's point about the Dog Brothers. They may partake in competitions, but their Gathering is not a competition. It's more of a constructive full contact workshop to foster brotherhood and self discovery.
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    Most sikaran schools compete in any open "karate" tournaments
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