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    Hello everyone! This is my first post here though I've been reading through the forums quite a bit lately looking for info and I've been frustrated trying to find a place to train near by. I live in Fairfield, CA and it seems like there are very few places to train in the fma's let alone in pekiti tirsia specifically (which i'm deciding is the one that interests me the most). I don't really want to commute too too far but am willing to drive say a half hour or so away to train if I have to. If anyone knows of a place near by or perhaps some other options as far as similar styles I would really appreciate it :) the reason this style in particular is so appealing to me is its seeming competence against a knife although I know most if not all of the fma's are great systems to train in. I used to train in kajukenbo for a while but stopped and I'd like to start training again but I feel like kajukenbo didn't really offer much against someone good with a knife. I could handle myself well against someone unarmed and I'm sure anyone that has trained long and hard enough in a martial art could survive a knife attack but I felt like it wouldn't prepare me like an art that dealt with a knife in depth. Anyway, sorry for the rambling, I'm just frustrated in my search for a place to train near by. thanks again for the help!

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    The Pekiti-Tirsia Global Organization website has the recognized instructors but if you don't find any nearby you can contact Maginoo Tim Waid for more options.
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    Stockton is right down the street...

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    Empty Hand Vs. Knife

    Many will dispute this, but few are willing to prove their efficiency empty hand against knife. If someone knows how to use a knife and you are empty hand you might as well go stick your hand in a cuisine art food processor.
    If you don't carry a tool now a days shame on you.
    Learn to fight as dirty as possible. Use sand, rocks, chairs whatever is at hand.
    Or better yet use your feet and run!

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