Where to find Tony Diego in Luneta?

Discussion in 'Kali Ilustrisimo' started by BayaniWarrior, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. BayaniWarrior

    BayaniWarrior New Member

    Hey everyone. I was wondering where exactly Tony Diego teaches in Luneta every Sunday. I've been told that he teaches in Luneta every Sunday morning but I'm not sure where to find him exactly.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

  2. Twist

    Twist Junior Member

    Opposite the Manila Hotel.
  3. Bahad Zubu-Florida

    Bahad Zubu-Florida New Member

    If you are at Luneta Park facing the Rizal Monument, do a 180 and cross the street as if you are going to the new Manila Ocean Park. You will go up some steps. At the top of the steps make a right (going towards the Manila Hotel). I saw GM Tony Diego's group training there--not too far after you make the right. If you see steps going down after you make that right, you've gone too far...

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