Where did everybody go?

Discussion in 'General' started by geezer, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. geezer

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    If you are reading this, you are one of the few who still check in here. Traffic on this site is way down. Almost nobody is posting anymore. I thought maybe my memory was failing me, so I went back and checked out a few pages of "General" threads from mid 2007 (when I first came onto this site) and there were new threads being posted every day, with many getting over a thousand views. Now, maybe a few hundred people view a thread over a span of many weeks... and almost nobody starts threads or posts replies. I haven't seen former regulars like Carol and Arnisador in like forever. (Well, at least Carol still posts a lot over on MATalk). And, except for the lone bright spot of Crafty Dog down on the DBMA sub-forum, the individual style forums are pretty much dead. So what's up dudes? Where did everybody go?
  2. jwinch2

    jwinch2 Member

    Hard to say. I'm still around for what it is worth.
  3. Facebook has killed a lot of forums I think and I see people who no longer post volumes on here posting on there now.

    Unless, people have finally realized they need to be actually practicing far more than posting on forums :laugh:
  4. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    We are still here but time commitments have changed for a few of us as well as what Simon say's about facebook. Most forums across the internet are slow right now!
  5. guillermo taboada

    guillermo taboada New Member

    i am staying here, maybe people are still on christmas holiday, anyway we just keep posting. Thanks

    gm bobby taboada
  6. Bob Hubbard

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    I could stop blocking the 400-500 spambot registration attempts hitting the site each day. That'll boost traffic. LOL Wrong corto bastons being waved there though.

    I'm here, keeping the site running. Don't train and really out of the loop in most cases other than my photography, so don't have much to offer content wise.

    Facebook's got farmville. That's sucking up people attention. I could rattle off some disappointments with the software, but it's slowly shaping up.

    Most people are lurkers. We're still seeing a lot of people reading, though that is also down. If you want to boost the site, post. post post post. And keep posting until you get peoples attention and they respond. I've looked at other sites fma specific and general with fma, and all are running quiet. But, FMATalk isn't dead, not yet.

    So, here's a side question:
    What would you like to see here? More videos, regular articles, a political mud pit, naked ladies and oiled up prize fighters, etc? Obviously somethings missing, let us know what it is and we'll be happy to see what we can do.
  7. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I'm still here and still reading. Now that I'm no longer on staff I'm not posting as much as I used to when it was part of the job description to help keep things moving. I'm among those spending too much time on Facebook. I rarely talk about the martial arts there. I mostly post about politics/religion/culture there so what I'm saying would be unlikely to be of interest to those coming here, but it's true that I've found it somewhat addictive--as I did web fora before that, and Usenet before that. But the convenience of having all my conversations with everyone about all sorts of topics in one place is pretty convenient.
  8. Yes, it will be interesting to see how much further the facebook "bubble" will expand. I saw a CNN news report from Haiti yesterday. They had set up a "Net Cafe" in the tent city there. It consisted of one lap-top. A guy was sat there updating his facebook page...

    I think many instructors and Masters are posting directly on there so it does gives direct interaction and is perfect for Martial Arts groups.

    For our own organization GM Yuli posts on there and we have our own dedicated forum (which I run) as well so there is a lot of "competition" for people's internet time.

    I will say the work done on this site by the moderators and the support provided by Bob is first class. The thing about forums is a lot of work is needed behind the scenes and most people don't even see the work that goes into them.

    As for what I'd want to see it's difficult. I think you have to analyze what this forum offers that facebook doesn't. For me that is a mixture of people from many different FMAs so we can learn from the diversity. I think the focus should be on "General" topics as like I say people will tend to seek out individual groups on facebook / dedicated forums.

    Something you could aim for I suppose is to get one person from all the groups listed to give a monthly "briefing". This could just be a couple of paragraphs detailing new grades, seminars, interesting vids on youtube etc, etc.

    I would happily put myself forward for BZ but you'd need to break it out of the Ilustrisimo bracket but that's a story for another day...;)

    Maybe a "Training section" could be good as well...you could have things like "How to avoid / treat blisters", "How to work on speed, grip, power, balance, boredom in solo training, etc, etc, etc"

    Just some thoughts out loud there for you.

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  9. KaliGman

    KaliGman Professional Man at Arms

    Thanks for the wake up call

    Thanks for the wake up call. I have been meaning to get over here and post more, especially in the Albo Kali Silat forum. I have been busy trying to work out a deal to have some Albo Kali Silat training DVDs produced, writing a few more magazine articles, and teaching a seminar or two in addition to my normal law enforcement work and regularly scheduled classes in Albo Kali Silat. Since it has been an exceptionally busy winter season for my law enforcement task force (as the snow piles up, the violence usually goes down a bit, due to the bad guys being out on the street less, but this year this does not seem to be the case), I have been more than normally busy with some pesky bad guys as well.

    I'll try to post a few things in the next month or so over on the Albo Kali Silat forum. I have a new idea for a rant, and I need to do a couple of videos in the next few months as well.

    The last time posting was this low I ran a contest and gave away a Spyderco knife:laugh:. I hope Mike Blackgrave is still enjoying that blade. Maybe I'll post some really technical articles/posts concerning balance disruption, weight transfer, etc. and try to get the members to post their thoughts.
  10. Rapier

    Rapier RHC

    Well I will continue to visit, and start posting more here in the future.
  11. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    I'm still here, but not able to post as much as I used to due to work schedule. Plus training has taken a back seat due to recertification/requalification necessities of the job..
  12. WuLord187

    WuLord187 Albo Kali Silat Student

    Facebook, PSN, and competition season, but I still read a few threads every now and then.
  13. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Still here as well, been training more lately but i still visit as much as i can. FMAtalk has been good to me for a long time and made alot of friends here.
    Im a FMAtalk lifer :)

    Ill try to post more next time.

    Thanks Geezer
  14. Raw_Prime

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  15. Tym C.

    Tym C. New Member

    I am on here more then Facebook. Mostly because i dont care what people are doing every minute of the day. I am mostly here for the info. I dont post alot but I do suck up the info that people post. Has any one thought of making a FMAtalk Facebook page or group on there?
  16. kuntawguro

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  17. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    :apc::tank::bigun2::AR15firin:rocketwho Still here and breathing.. I'm not as active here as I used to be, but job and the deterent of crime and terrorism against the free world takes priority than internet viewing..
  18. William

    William Mongrel Combative Arts

    I pop in from time to time but I have a lot on my plate these days. I usually have time to pop in and scan the threads and pop back out. If there is something I want to respond to I'll have to try and get back on at a later date when I have a bit more time.

  19. MacJ_007

    MacJ_007 Junior Member

    I check this site everyday....This is still the place to be for FMA news and updates, along with FMAForum.org.
  20. Leopard

    Leopard New Member

    Still here, but only off and on.
    As for new stuff on the forum I would say keep it about martial arts and mostly about the FMA. Keep away from politics.

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