where can i buy machetes here in phils?

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by arcaix, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. arcaix

    arcaix New Member

    i dont know if this is the right section to post this but does anyone here know where i can buy a machete? and if possible, maybe within quezon city? i prefer those quality ones that can be bought at a hardware store.. maybe a corona or tramontina brand? coz i dont have the taste for those traditional looking ones...
  2. el maldito de cebu

    el maldito de cebu New Member

    if you want the originals you should go to panay island they make the real ones genuine like the samurais of japan but if you wanted just replicas you can buy in some shops in manila. here in cebu there are also makers and good black smiths they also make replicas they are located in pardo. if you want traditional swords like cris you can get it in zamboanga or in davao the best sword kris can get through metal if its genuine.
  3. septs

    septs New Member

    machete?? is that the movie you're referring to?
  4. bentit

    bentit New Member

    You got that right about getting a quality Kris in Southern Mindanao. My dad knew a blacksmith from Zamboanga City who made most of our utensils and cutlery. They where sharp as hell! Built strong.
  5. el maldito de cebu

    el maldito de cebu New Member

    yep my uncle use to go there back in the old days that they have this weapons I want to have some of it but I wanted to buy when I personaly get there he has a sundang with a reverse edge and is strainght and not curve I forgot what it is called but if its cut a flesh well its well done!
  6. bentit

    bentit New Member

    I think I know the blade you're talking about. Is it wide?
  7. el maldito de cebu

    el maldito de cebu New Member

    no not realy its just narrow it looks like a broken samurai thin yet the other edge is heavy to help the force of gravity if you cut its flesh

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