What's your preferred tactical pen?

Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by jwinch2, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. jwinch2

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    The title pretty much says it. I am considering a tactical pen as an option for times when I cannot carry a gun or knife, or even as a backup/less lethal option for when I am. There seem to be plenty of options out there, so I am curious which ones guys/gals who carry them prefer, and the rationale behind their choices.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. silat1

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    The problem with the tactical pen is that they are more recognizable before you get on a flight. I usually carry a monte blanc knock off which has a metal barrel or even a cross/parker pen which has a slim grip but still has a metal construction.. More politically correct and not prone to get confiscated by the local TSA super heroes. Plus easier and cheaper to replace if lost
  3. jwinch2

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    Thanks. I don't fly much, but that is an important consideration. I am more thinking about issues of work, etc.
  4. silat1

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    I use a pen all the time at work, so comfort is the prime objective that I look at when I buy a pen. I use the mont blanc or cross pens at work as they are more suitable for office work or when you are talking to an individual outside.. The tactical pens I have looked at didn't quite fit my needs or my grip.. I use the Mont Blanc or cross/parker roller ball pens as they are a little more robust in their thickness and feels more substantial in use.. I have used these pens in both self defense and seminar training as well as on the job.. It just takes a couple of pens to find out what you feel comfortable with..
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