What's your favorite carry folder?

Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by jwinch2, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. jwinch2

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    I may be in the market for a new folder. I have been carrying Spyderco knives for some time and while I like them, I would like to have something with a more distinct finger choil/guard to prevent the hand slipping forward during a thrusting movement. So, with that in mind, what do you like? If you had to do it again, would you buy the same knife? If not, what do you wish you would have bought?

    I hope all of you are well...
  2. Carol

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    I have Bram Frank's Lapu Lapu corto. Its not a bad knife at all. Cherusker-Messer did the manufacturing. The handle is contoured very well, the liner lock seems sturdy. The blade length is under 4 inches, its about 3.5" IIRC. Not too big not too small. He offers a trainer to go with it, and didn't design it to look like a Rambo knife or a LARPer's knife. It looks like a folder that wouldn't be out of place in a tool kit...which is good.

    The handle is a bit large for my hands, which are pretty small. Granted, I tend to carry my Spyderco more often, but this would be a better knife than the Spiderco for defensive purposes, should it ever come to that.

    I haven't made up my mind about whether I like the steel or not. I use my knife on a regular basis, cutting ty-wraps, chopping up cardboard boxes, etc. Whatever I carry gets a good workout. The blade is AUS 8. It holds it edge quite well, but the VG-10 Spyderco holds its edge phenomenally well.

    If I had to do it over again, would I? Probably.
  3. silat1

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    I carry an emerson cqc-13 from time to time.. It is one of my daily carry assortment.. It has a nice deep choil, good inner liner lock hook up and if you get it with the wave, It is faster to open up than some spring assisted blades.. I have been carrying mine for more than 4 yrs and I would highly recommend either this design or even the cqc-8.
  4. PG Michael B

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    I love this blade....I have owned several and found no other that truly fit my paws. It doubles as a wicked fist load also. It is quick and sturdy and holds an edge. Matter of fact it takes an edge real well.
  5. MPC1257

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  6. sjansen

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    I like the kershaw scallion. It has a distict curve on the fore finger to keep the knife from progressing when stabbing and has index opening for quick deployment. The curve of the blade is perfect for slicing as well. The blade is easy to sharpen and holds a very good edge. The emerson pocket opening takes some getting used to and can fail if your under pressure. Try one of your friends and see if you like it first. Also, the scallion is cheap enough to get one to carry and one to dull the blade for personal training too. I would also not get the serrated blade or a button opening if you plan on traveling. In most states you can't carry a knife over three inches legally either. You'll have no problems in Virgina with this though. I looked up the laws and you can carry about anything there (yea Virgina).
  7. lhommedieu

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    Benchmade Mini-AFCK. Small, sturdy and not too scary looking. Takes a good edge.


  8. Carol

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    Just because I like posting pictures of knives :D :D

    This is the Lapu Lapu Corto (and trainer). The handle is very different from the Spyderco.

    Fine motor coordination is reduced in an adrenaline dump. I've found that it is also reduced when I'm am physically drained (ie: during a hike). Personally I like how the Lapu Lapu and the Spydercos can be easily opened with two hands.

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  9. BoyTaga

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    this one:

    cause it's the only i have HEHE

    and on that note, can anybody help me identify this Cold Steel folder? i bought it used and i don't know the history of this certain piece other than the fact that it's a Cold Steel folder. i tried looking for it on the Cold Steel site but I couldn't find the model.

    thanks in advance!
  10. tkdbadass

    tkdbadass New Member

    Cold Steel, mini-lawman.
  11. Edgedweapons

    Edgedweapons New Member

    the knives i prefer to carry is either a Kershaw Leek or a Kershaw Blur but lately for self defense i prefer a pocket stick/kubaton
  12. Micheal Clark

    Micheal Clark New Member

    Nice blades .......Seems to very Sharp .

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