What's Best for Contact Sparring???

Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by geezer, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. geezer

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    OK, I asked this before, but posted it in the wrong place. See what happens when you get a geezer on a computer? Anyway, I'm trying to get some feedback on the what's the best all-round gear for contact training drills and full contact sparring. I make my own padded sticks, but I'm interested in getting some good headgear, etc. so I can raise the reality factor. It's hard to judge this stuff from pictures on-line. It seems like the three options are: Doce-pares/WEKAF headgear, a 3-weapons rated fencing mask and a kendo "men". I've heard that the Kendo gear is tops, but pricey. Any leads? And will the fencing stuff really take a full power hit with full body force behind it? What's your experience with this??? I know a lot of you spar...right?
  2. Carol

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    Try giving Martial Arts Outfitters a call. They make a lot of their own gear, and they have a lot of quality material for decent prices.

    Martial Arts Outfitters
    [SIZE=-1]30 Crystal Ave
    Derry, NH 03038
    (603) 432-6530[/SIZE]
  3. Ron B

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    if you are using padded sticks you can get hockey helmets with cages and use hockey gloves for stick sparring.for knife sparring we use cold steel rubber training knives and fencing masks.for knife sparring only use fencing masks because you only have one set of eyes
  4. blindside

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    Fencing mask (doesn't have to be three weapon) and lacrosse gloves for us. We're just trying to keep a stick out of the eye, or a broken nose. We want to feel the impact and get a negative association with getting smacked in the head.

  5. Datu Tim Hartman

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    Hockey helmets work well for padded sticks and are easy to get.
  6. arnisador

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    If you live in Buffalo!
  7. Ron B

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    you can order hockey helmets online or talk to walmart or someone else to get them in.the good thing about hockey helmets is that they are cheap.only use them with padded sticks though
  8. geezer

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    got gear!

    Well, I went to a used sporting equipment chain here and the only hockey helmets with face cages were for kids. A lot of people call me a pinhead, but they must be speaking figuratively, because none of them fit. I ended up getting a Lacrosse helmet and hockey gloves. The helmet is a bit tight also, but has a good face cage and works fine with the padded sticks we make. I did improvise some neck protection. I can accept getting beat a bit as part of good training, but I don't feel like risking my eyes and throat. Anyway, thanks for the input.

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