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Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by maliksi77, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. maliksi77

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    I haven’t heard lately and was wondering if anyone on the forum knew what happened to GMs Alex France, Jose Paman and Lito Concepcion? Thank you!
  2. James Miller

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    Not sure about Jose Paman, but GMs Alex and Lito are now in the Philippines.
  3. timagua

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    Kumusta na Ben…long time no hear! And thanks Mr. Miller for the word about GMs Alex and Lito, they must be enjoying retired life back home!

    After 40 years of practicing Filipino, Japanese and Chinese martial arts, more than two decades teaching at the Original Arjuken Club in Sacramento (founded in 1983 with GGM Ernesto A. Presas’ blessings) and a distinguished writing career, GM Jose Paman has gone into semi-retirement. He has entered into a new endeavor, co-founding the Polynesian music and dance group Uncle Pete’s Shipwreck Crew. The group’s fan page is here…


    Although not currently active in day-to-day martial arts teaching, GM Paman holds the occasional seminar at local area dojo, and his books Arnis Self-Defense and Ngo Cho Kung-Fu are still available in stores or through Amazon. He divides his time between California and Hawaii.

    Best wishes,

    Julia Timagua Ballantine
  4. Hi, all! Greetings from my beloved islands. I'm sitting in my "office" (my veranda) gazing across the water at Lito's Island, formerly Cebu. Because of the nature of my work (IT) in the States, I was online almost 7/24 with fast, blazing, internet connections; but things have a way of balancing out. Internet service provider connections are excruciatingly slow here (yes, I got spoiled) so I am almost 7/24 off-line now. Living in the heart of FMA action. It's my time now! (smile)

    Warmest regards to you all. Come visit anytime!
    Alex(ander Bautista Bayot France)

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