What the Goals of Pekiti-Tirsia System

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  1. Pekitti-Tirsia as the leading authority in Edged Weaponry directs the program of instruction to the miliatry and law enforcement training worldwide. But the task is to provide the Armed Forces of the Philippines the priority program in all branches of services from the Army to the Navy-Marines, Airforce, and to the Philippine National Police. Since the priority is the Marines since they are always in the front line of operations specially in MIndanao, Philippines, the task of training the combat units that infiltrates the enemy killing zone , has been achieve and it is being carried by the Philippiine Marince Corps in all their program if instruction.

    The traditional training system is being maintained with the intention that the quality of students will be regarded as the real people in reality. Filipino Fighting system remains to be pure without adulteration from the other martial arts since the present activity of the system is directed in Proifessionalizing the teaching of the original system to be selected from the Corps of military men.

    Pekiti-Tirsia for the past 40 years had never deviated in reducing the quality of instruction neither commercializing the system in part or in whole but as the years continue to grow, Pekiti-Tirsia has prepared a sound ground operations providing the clear knoweldge of Edged Weapon.

    We cannot change we can only improve what is said about the FMA.We in the different system had expanded to the training commintments of the major Police Division, opening the art that is weaponry at least 6 people who are well experienced cannot change instantly.

    Continue your excellent work so that it can provide the area of responsibiity under the procedures that Mike hassed techniques will become for the nest month.

    Keep an action where the action is idifferent from other PTK.

    I will be conducting another camp in florida.

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    Please let us know Tuhon!!!
    The Florida crew are VERY interested!!!!

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    florida training PTK

    we are ready tuhon!!!! have plenty of tylenol and bengay for the pain.....
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    I think Tuhon should just move to Florida permanently.....like next door to me.....:biggrinbo


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