What is Kali-Ilustrisimo?

Discussion in 'Kali Ilustrisimo' started by Bob Hubbard, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    What is Kali-Ilustrisimo?

    Who developed it? How did it get the name? Who's the notable practitioners? Where can I study it?
  2. peter

    peter New Member

    Kali Ilustrismo is a blade-based form of FMA. The name is rightly taken from the late Grandmaster Antonio 'Tatang' Ilustrisimo and while the art has been within the Ilustrisimo family for several generations, the form widely know now is heavily influenced by the considerable experiences of the Tatang.

    The major instructors of this art, known as the 'five pillars' of the Kali Ilustrisimo system include the current head, Master Tony Diego, Master Yuli Romo, Master Christopher Ricketts, Master Rey Galang and the latePunong Guro Edgar Sulite.

    I would recommend contact the Bakbakan WHQ for details of your nearest instructor. Contact information at www.bakbakan.com

    Best regards

    Peter Lewis
  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Does Kali Ilustrismo have a distinctive blade that it uses? For example, I know there's a type of sword that's associated with Pekiti Tirsia.
  4. Black Grass

    Black Grass Junior Member

    The swords generally assoociated with KI is the barong, kris, espada and itak. The dos manos stick method is derived from the use of the kamplilan but I have not seen Tatang use one.

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  5. Buwaya

    Buwaya Senior Member

    Hi Black Grass,

    Do you know where Tatang got his kampilan knowledge from? Thanks.
  6. Black Grass

    Black Grass Junior Member

    I actually don't know I will have to ask Master Topher or Rey next time I see them.

    aka Black Grass
  7. Matawguro

    Matawguro New Member

    While I don't know how Tatang wielded a kampilan, according to Yuli Romo, wieldding a kampilan, while similar to dos manos, is quite different.

    During the Bakbakan workshops held last October, I brought over my kampilan which I bought from Sinawali Trade to show to the Canadian delegates. Yuli Romo happened to be there and proceeded to do an impromptu demo. Rey Galang first noticed and prompted Yuli Romo that he was holding the kampilan backwards (sharp edge towards the body), to which Yuli Romo replied "Yes, I'm aware of that."

    You can see his kampilan demo as well as his other demos during the November FMA Gathering here...


    Robbie Trinidad
    Administrator - Filipino Martial Arts Forum
  8. JohnJ

    JohnJ Senior Member

    I saw the demo Robbie posted and was intrigued as to Master Yuli's Kampilan methods. It appeared he used the Amarra exercise to emphasize live hand placement, use & support for the longer, heavier weapon. Even his Dos Manos is different from KI and is probably Bahad Zubu methods.

    As far as I've heard, Tatang did not actually have kampilan/dos manos training so to speak but relied moreso on his knowledge to apply the principles of sword play to the longer weapons.

    The Pinute and Sansibar/Zanzibar is often used by GM Tony Diego.

    John J
  9. eome

    eome Junior Member

    Greetings kapatid na peter and john j. it brings joy to me deep inside,seeing you two work together in answering questions for people around the world who are interested in the history of KI. this attitude that your both projecting puts a positive outlook for the future generations of KI mag aarals. Pagkakaisa!(unity).

    Tatang being the father, the 5 pillars being the sons,(and also the others who arent the pillars but were students of Gran maestro Tatang). different traits, strenghts, skills, goals and visions. but all are brothers, descending from one father who handed down to them the system which probably have existed for hundreds of years. same maestro, same learning and training, same concepts and strategies, everything from Maestro Tatang.

    it's an inheritance. keeping the art is not enough, but also, by keeping the brotherhood alive. its what makes the stronghold into a fortress. hats off to both of you. mabuhay kayo kapatid na peter at john.

  10. peter

    peter New Member

    Hi Eome

    Kumusta ka na? Great to hear from you again and many thanks for the PM. My computer has been down for almost one week and I've only just caught up with messages.

    Many thanks for your words of encouragement and respect. Guro John and I are great friends and are both very dedicated to promoting and supporting the FMA.

    I'm really happy to learn that you are really enjoying your training with GM Yuli. He is such a great instructor and I would certainly recommend the experience to anyone. Please extend my warm regards to GM Yuli and the Romo Clan. [​IMG]

    Ingat ka palagi

  11. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    My Eskrido teacher is familiar to some degree with this system, and I know he sometimes does techniques from it in the FMA class; unfortunately, most of the class isn't overly interested in where what comes from, so he doesn't always say "This is from Kali Ilustrimo" and so I don't always know when I'm seeing it! He's happy to answer questions when I ask, but I usually only do so when I suspect it's something different. From what little I've seen, it tends to be the longer sword technqiues he draws from there.

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