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    Knife experts are the least of the people who you will expect to use the knife to attack anyone. Very few knife experts who are actual knifers.
    I personally know a lot of knifers. Far from experts, they are just ordinary people who touch the knife only to stick it into your guts. As they say,"Don't touch it if you won't use it."
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    I have heard this debate before. Is PTK a pure Filipino style? Then again, what is "pure" Filipino? The Philippines have been a melting pot of cultures for over 3000 years. Then again, if this blend of cultures has been blending for over 3000 years, doesn't that still make the cuture indigenous? 3000 years is a long freakin time. If the answer is no, then there are only a hand full of pure cultures out there in the world and not many of ya's out there are very pure in race and/or nationality.

    Back to PTK...from what I have seen over the years, PTK has evolved. Every true master in every generation of a certain style adds that certain touch that distinguishes the old way from the new way. If the style doesn't evolve, it does not work anymore. It has to evolve with the existing fighting methods surrounding it in order to defend against it, or at least have a good fighting chance!

    My Kuntao for example...I am sure the way I teach it is not the way it was taught 1000 years ago. In fact, I know this for a fact. My teacher had adapted modern day street fighting defense tactics within the style and since his time, I have added to it as well. I feel what evolved my Kuntao was the fact that I trained with so many teachers over the past almost 40 years. I see some tactics of offensive/defense that I can use on more other lines of attack than I did when I first started Kuntao. Maybe we all will be teaching lazor defenses soon because the local gangs will be using them...who knows but I am sure it will all continue to evolve with the next generation who takies over, Kuntao, Kali, etc.

    Look what happened to Jeet Kune Do...there is a perfect example! You think Bruce Lee was the only one to figure all that evolution stuff out? "Pure," is preserving the true essance of a certain style yet adapting it to other discoveries as time goes on.
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    Yeah what Pete said!!!!

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