What is FMA in the real world of Combat

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  1. What is the meaning of FMA if the essence of the true filipino culture is not put into real practice. The Philosophical teachings ,exposure to the true filipino traditions. An actual visit to the Philippines will Authenticate every meaning of what has been taught and if one teaches the FMA he must prove that his teachings is what he actually experienced during his visit to the Philippines. What makes the teachings effective is the fact that one embraced the culture in the right interpretations accepting the realities of truth not according to the stories written in a book.

    The real FMA is FEAR MY ACTION . Since the FMA is a Blade Culture, all manifestations must institute a warrior personality with Sharper Image to project the spirit of the Blade , signifying THE TRUE MAN OF COURAGE AND BRAVERY. Every action must speak the true meaning of what is Kali is all about. Every technique must prove fatal effect with no chance of recovery. The Impact of Power superiority is the real characteristic of a true FMA.

    The true FMA was not put into the laboratory for sports,it was in the laboratory for combat,the slashes and the thrust must hit the targets without holding back and no hesitation. The Ginunting must take out a kilo of meat from the enemy's shoulder or a kilo from the legs and two kilos from the back of the body. It can penetrate Armour vest and it can take the head in split seconds allowing the head to roll with the eyes open.

    It is the true essense of what is real and what is traditional that the FMA can be appreciated in all sense of its meaning in all its applicability. Every delivery , every stroke , every component that makes the completion of the Spider webs that protect the skilled warrior contributes the true essence of what is true and real FMA- FEAR MY ACTION.
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    FMA real world

    FMA Ie. Pekiti Tirsia..

    Let me comment on this.. I come from a had core Karate backgound.. but most of all my true background and which i study and teach morso, is FMA.

    Does FMA work? Most def. Has it worked to save my life? Yes!

    Many things have worked, many has failed.. but what i've noticed is my FMA training has not failed me to date.. I work in law enforcement and it works to save my lie daily, wether or not physically, but mentally.. it the epitomy of what martial arts means to me..

    u either have it or u dont'
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    reality based fighting system

    when i speak to other martial arts practitioners and we discuss pekiti tirsia the differnce becomes apparent when they call it self defense. since pekiti was developed as a family fighting system. I have learned to maintian the philosophy that it promotes in success,health and life.it was developed by intelligent individuals who were focused on making this system complete.the understanding of the doce methodos, the tri v and other concepts are just as effective as the time it was started in the 1800,s. Tuhon is the Book and he bringsforth a wealth of knowledge and skill that he delivers to his student through his method of the thought provoking process. you as a student must learn by analyzing and through repetitive trials you will develop the skill to understand and apply the concepts of this amazing system.I am but a humble student and on the same journey as others here in this fourm. GT Gaje is Truly a master and brings honor to his filipino countrymen by sharing his time and efforts in assisting the Philippine govt to combat terrorism and criminality.Where else can you find a selfless individual who could easily enrich himself with video and mercahndising opportunities. but he chooses to be true to his roots and culture by promoting the philippines,its people and its rich fighting history.
    "mabuhay ka TUHON ,looking forward to meeting you once again in your 2008 tour of the USA. You have a home here in Florida...."

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