What is Dumog and dumog versus other martial arts

Discussion in 'General' started by Pinuti, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Pinuti

    Pinuti New Member

    Hello, I was wondering how many people here have backrounds in dumog.

    I do realize that their are many many styles of Filipino wresting just as their is Filipino arnis styles.

    However, I was thinking if there is any authentic Filipino wrestling that can be used in the ring of mma or be considered its own thing.

    When I say considered its own thing, I meant something along the lines of dumog being indigenous to the Philippines and being able to stand up on its own against other martial arts with out relying on foreign fighting systems to accomplish the job. People now a days have the attitude that "why do I need to take this martial art if the other can get me there better"

    An example would be how most people tend to take bjj or judo or something like chiense or european jacket wrestling or folk wrestling.

    I'm simply asking if dumog is something that can stand on its own with out relying on foreign arts
  2. Pinuti

    Pinuti New Member

    I would also like to ask/add, if grappling chokes, pinns, armbars are also native to Filipino Wrestling as it is pinn wrestling, judo and jiujitsu.
  3. jezah81

    jezah81 Member

    How many arms and legs do Filipinos have compared to other human beings? :confused:
  4. tim_stl

    tim_stl Junior Member

    For some styles, yes. For example, Garimot Buno.

  5. Pinuti

    Pinuti New Member

    I don't see how that applies to my question considering that I"m asking how dumog itself can be used in the ring. I mean i'm pretty sure its significantly different from what I"ve seen compared to stand up judo, western wrestling, and ground fighting bjj.
  6. free2flow

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