What formalities do you observe?

Discussion in 'General' started by geezer, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. k831

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    You'll notice in other threads I address you simply as "C.B.D" :)
  2. flo0d

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    We form up, and do a salutation towards the instructor.

    We then form in a circle, going around doing a warmup each. When passed on to the next person there is a salution.

    After partner work it is polite to salutation to each other (not before like in seen in TMA) .

    At the end of class we form up and do a salutation to the instructor.

    Our main instructor is called Sensei (its more of a nickname). When I teach, I ask the students to call me by my first name. I have had a joke or two with those who call me 'sir'.

    The classes are relaxed. People are addressed by there first names. When I ask people to partner off, I often say "introduce yourselfs if you dont know each other."

    I have found that people respect me as a martial artist not because of a fancy title or uniform, but because of my respectful attitude to people, the fact that I train alongside them and that I show humility.

    All this is part of the reason why I enjoy FMA so much.

  3. silat1

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    In the school named the Tabernacle of Tactical Awareness, we line up in our camo face paint, camo uniforms, combat boots and our Molle Vests with the firearms of choice.. Mine being a 1911 45 acp and of course my FN Fal para for.. We face the altar with the pictures of Sam Browning, Eugene Stoner and of course Bo Randall, march in formation and do eyes right while passing in review of the head instructor.. We then proceed to limber up our trigger fingers with a few thousand pull backs of the trigger.. Then we practice our cutting patterns as was taught by Lapu Lapu in the long secret art of Kalicrima on the wooden target posts.. After class is done, we all go down to the local watering hole in full tactical gear and proceed to go amok on the local winos who laugh at us while we sit in the back of the bar with our knives on the table and shot glasses in our hands..
  4. PG Michael B

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    The only formalities I believe in are the followng

    1. show up!

    2. shut up!

    3. train!

    outside of that what is there? Unless of course paying homage to some Great Poobah or idol is your thing..then by all means dunce away!
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    Slackers. You should be low crawling past your instructor in a pit filled with pungi sticks and bushmasters... You guys just have no respect for the art at all. LOL
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    That training is only conducted when we know that we are going to be tested on the applications of Kalicrima.. The preparation of these testing sessions include, wrestling with the tamaraw and trying for 2 out of 3 falls. The footwork practice with the Manok Chasing after which we celebrate by sacrificing the Manok to the altar of the firegods while the Manok is hoisted on a Bamboo skewer while copious amounts of Filipino Coconut Tuba along with Tanduhay is used to sanitize out battle wounds from the inside out.. That is our anting anting battle preparation, it also applies to our testing for rank..
  7. jwinch2

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  8. Carol

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    One of my instructor's formalities is that he doesn't would rather not be called by his first name on the matt. (Off the mat is fine).

    He tells us the name he prefers (its not a title, but it is unique to our system) and prefers that, or "Sir" or "Mr. Surname". He's a bit flexible though, I've called him a Sadistic Bastard on the mat and he took it as a compliment...lol
  9. silat1

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    You people use mats? Man or woman in this case, get real.. There is nothing like having your body thrown on uncoiled piles of razor wire to teach you how fall with the ability to use your anting anting to keep from getting cut up.. This is also part of our testing requirements, if you have any sign of blood on your skin or camos, you fail the test and have to start over again from station one.. Station one is where you crawl through the rice paddies to sneak up on the unwilling tamaraw in preparation for the 2 out of 3 wrestling falls..
  10. Carol

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    Pics, or it never happened. :p
  11. silat1

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    It has happened, but the location is classified.. If I were to tell you, I would have to send the evil spirits of the forest and have termites feast on your house and have your phone number listed on the phone solicitors call list.. Plus I don't know how to post the pictures anyway, so NAYA NAYA
  12. Pat OMalley

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    Hahahaha excellent, I very seldom use matts, only realy for the newbies who tend to fall like a sack of potateos hahahaha, One guy said to me just before I threw him, 'But you dont have matts' I said 'Yes I do, it's you, you will soften my fall if needs be' with that I dumped him and landed on him like a ton of bricks hahahaha.
  13. chubbybutdangerous

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    A few formalities I tend to observe:1) Enjoy a coffee and a cigarette before I teach.2) During class periodically laugh at how few traditional Filipino martial arts terms I know even though I am Filipino 2) Afterward go back in the house and make a pot of rice and eat it with some adobo. (Although there has been times where I admit I'll eat hot dogs and rice.) Or sometimes just break an egg into it. 3) Wonder how my brother seems to remember all those traditional FMA terms
  14. Edgedweapons

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    Always Showing Courtesy to your partners and other instructors is very important.
  15. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Brit with a stick

    Open the class with, how you doing, laugh lots, finish with a beer down the bar and laugh some more.

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