What does exploration mean to you?

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  1. As I often tell my group, you need to work tet the most from your training - if you just go through the motions for a single purpose, whether it be memory, winning how you're used to, speed, flash, pure technique, etc, then you won't get very far. Slow down, feel, and explore the possibilities, the openings, the opportunities, and even the weaknesses. Test it for each of those, under microscope conditions and for adaptability, but also under conditions of actual use.

    The more ways you look at your material, the more you can get out of it - a cylinder looks simply looks like a circle or rectangle if you only look at it a single way, head-on or sideways.

    There is so much more to get out of your material the more you explore it for what you want out of it, what you can do with it.

    What do you do along these lines, or even differently?
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    Slow, and controlled to feel when things get tight or loose.
    The ability to fail and go the wrong way slowly and not hurt or damage your partner.
    Also to not get hurt yourself.
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