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Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by mi1990, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. mi1990

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    Is Balintawak more suited to be your base martial art or as a supplement to learning other styles ?
  2. jspeedy

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    Either way. Many of the Balintawak guys i've met train other arts in addition to Balintawak. I think it helps to have a second art for the higher levels of Balintawak where it is required to develop 21 (or so) advanced techniques of your own but it is not absolutely necessary.

    Before Balintawak I had about a year and a half of training in other arts. So I consider Balintawak my primary art. This summer I started BJJ as my secondary art. I feel Balintawak has somewhat helped in BJJ, mainly the lifting and clearing skill set. Which I use to quickly remove an oppenents grip before he sinks it in (BJJ).

    In Balintawak I came up with a drill to use my BJJ. Me and my training partner start from a neutral position, each guy has a grip on the others stick and we grapple without the use of strikes. Each man aims to take the other's stick away or take the opponent to the ground while maintaining a dominant position. I got the idea for this drill from padded sparring where I frequently find my self in a mexican standoff position where each guy grips the other's stick and grappling is inevitable.
  3. Rich Parsons

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    If you have another art or arts, Balintawak can be used to improve your sensitivity and your timing.

    If you start in Balintawak it can give you a good base to go elsewhere.

    Do you a motive for asking? Maybe we can answer that.
  4. MacJ_007

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    If you understand Balintawak, you don't have to learn other arts...

    Does it complement other arts? Yes...
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