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    This is a handgun and not a shotgun. These guns are legal anywhere you can carry a handgun. You can get frangible rounds for any handgun on the market, i.e. multiple round ammo. Also, there is a polymer model coming out that is lighter and will reduce the recoil due to the movement aspects of a polymer. The Rulger LCP is a great option for those who like wheelguns and their inevitable reliability over autos.

    Smith and Wesson has come out with a polymer 38 as well with a built in laser site called the bodyguard. Polymers have much less recoil than their titanium and scandium counterparts. Shoot one and you won't believe the recoil; I didn't. Feeling is believing.
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    Well, Thats CA for ya. not sure about other states:

    Also, the CA Assault Weapons ban laws has this :
    I think ^ applies to the "Street Sweepers" and teargas launchers that can fiore shotgun shells too. Not these. But I'm not sure.

    For other states, it seems to be whether the state allows "Short Barreled Shotguns" by definition. Most don't. Although some allow sales and ownership , but not carry.

    ANyways, just some extra info. I have a buddy that owns one. Also, I've seen alot of reviews and they're really not too great considering. Check out the "Box of Truth" review online for some good info.
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    Did I not state that states that let people actually carry guns let them carry the judge. California is known as the REPUBLIC OF CALIFRORNIA. Noonoe who is not a law enforcement officer or well connected can carry in the republic of Kalifornia. Since you can't carry anything, everything is illegal. Are you going to state the code of the REPUBLIC OF YOU NORK next. Like the shogun of harlem said "Succa Please." Any state that will actually let you carry has these guns as legal. The rest is a moot point.
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    I'm not arguing with you. Sweet lord. I just googled a bunch trying to find out and thats whatI came up with. It just points to CA being a punk state when it comes to guns and that SBS are illegal in alot of states and that some might associate this under their definition. I'm not gonna look cause I'm never gonna own one. Just saying this :
    might be the case in other states as well. Might not be.

    I mean, I've seen alot of AR-15 pistol type weapons too. They have 12" barrels, no stock or foregrip and fire 5.56 but they're pistols and as such are legal in some states, but not others. Again, not gonna own one, definatley wouldn't carry one.

    ANYWAYS, back to what we carry:

    1. 3.5" TDI on the belt
    2. Sometimes a Springfield XD9
    3. Rarely a S&W .38 Model 10 thats been customized. (hand-me-down from my uncle)

    But I'm liking the look at that poly PG MIchael posted. Shopping time! ;)
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    Yeah boys there are a lot of states that don't want you carrying anything and in some places they go out of their way to put the hurt on folks who do carry and protect their own. I choose to live in Texas for many reasons, the first being: The gun laws are in place so that citizens can legally carry and use their weaponry when needed....hell we have wonderful ditties on the legal books called Castle Laws i.e. we don't have to wait for shite if someone is trying to break in or trying to steal our vehicles etc....sad thing is, in the states that don't want weapons in the hands of good people have no clue how to get them out of the hands of bad people...all they do by indoctrinating these tree hugging laws are enable the bad guys to do more harm because the chance of John Q Citizen packing is slim and none..and Bad Guys love those rules.
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    CZ PCR w/ crimson trace in a bladetech or keltec p11 with beltclip with an extra mag for either

    kershaw blur or kabar TDI weakside

    cell phone

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