What can we learn from Wing Chun?

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    Wing Chun has a lot of principles in it. One of them is to be self-centered, the other is the distance of fighting against the opponent, others are the accuracy, how well you do the tricks your energy and of course the relaxation. It is very significant to be accurate and to know how to you the energy that is inside of you. If the position of the hand is not very accurate the trick will definitely not be very accurate and in some situations it even can be very dangerous. The position is essential in Wing Chun. In some other Martial Arts it is not that significant if the position is a little bit higher or lower, it doesn’t matter, but in Wing Chun it is one of the most significant things. In Wing Chun every single person needs to be very accurate and they need to be correct. (It may be very interesting that when Ip Man had two children, had two sons he gave them the names of Ip Chun and Ip Ching. In Chinese “chun” has a meaning of accuracy and the word “ching” means correct.)An of course, for your Wing Chun Skill to be right, you need to know what amount energy you need to use and also know how exactly to use it. If you show too much energy it is possible that you will be beaten in the end and if you have too little energy, the ends is the same, In both cases you will be beaten and that is not what you want.
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