What about wild dogs?

Discussion in 'Dog Brothers Martial Arts' started by geezer, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. geezer

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    Some of the younger guys I train with are interested in the kind of thing that the Dog Bros. do. But there aren't any DBMA groups out here that I know of. So my question is basically how hard can it be to get a group of wild dogs together. You know, a mixed group of FMA mutts that want to raise the bar a bit and make it a little more real.

    As for myself, I'm not ready to strip the padding off my rattan just yet... unless I find somebody even older and slower than me! Still, I'd really love to watch other folks beat the tar out of each other. I was always taught that, "A wise man learns from his mistakes... a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others".

    So to get back on topic, any thoughts about "wild dogs" getting together?
  2. MichaelJB

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    Hey Geez...

    "any thoughts about "wild dogs" getting together?"

    Yes there are...sort of...

    I've had a few convos with some fellow locals about getting a minimal padding, full-contact thing together. Focus will be on technique use and blade awareness instead of playing tag or (for example) just taking hits on the headgear and shooting in for a ground-and-pound. Winner will win for most kill/maiming shots. There are a LOT of issues to work out but this type of event is something I'd like to see happen in '09.
  3. Jack Latorre

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    Hello folks--

    It's pretty much a regular Saturday thing here in Rochester...we usually end the two hour class with a half hour of sparring. It's always minimal gear with live sticks...we talk about the parameters for each match (hand shots only; hand and head shots allowed; anything goes; weapon category...whatever the participants decide they need to work on). We'd love to have different folks join us for the session, as we are tired of sparring each other all of the time. :)

    If you are ever in the neighborhood, drop me a line...


    Jack A. Latorre

    p.s. Geezer...one of these days I will have to get out there to visit my brother and throw the rattan around with you gents. Give him my best.
  4. I am sure that there are more like minded groups out there than you realize.

    We have been doing this type of thing for years internally but just last week started to make an awareness of our group known outside. We have developed a loose network of like minded individuals within a 300 mile radius and will be holding our own things occasionally (every couple of months to begin with, then more frequently if the demand grows) to follow the same basic path as DBMA.

    We meet in Montreal and will be having the next event early in the new year.

    The basic credo of "Friends at the end of the day" is important to us to limit the possible enmity that can develop amongst people who hit each other hard.

    Contacting us at bttcanada@videotron.ca will get you more information.

  5. MichaelJB

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    "It's pretty much a regular Saturday thing here in Rochester..."
    "We have been doing this type of thing for years internally..."

    I'm sure this is the norm in my area as well. I'd just like to see it become a more public thing, among multiple groups/styles.
  6. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    Hmmmmm, they could just spar with each other live-stick if they want to... Idk what they do in Gatherings yet but we spar for like 2 minutes here...

    Get some instructional DVDs from their website and try to follow what you can with them... It's not like having a teacher but it's a good start...

    Then when they can go and see a Gathering... Ask questions... Maybe even participate...

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