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Discussion in 'FMA in the News' started by arnisador, Jan 16, 2006.

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    Welcome to the FMA in the News forum! This forum is for announcing and discussing Filipino martial arts stories in the media. Please, remember to respect copyright; it's best to post a link to the story (if it is online) and perhaps a short quote, with your own summary of the article.

    Appropriate subjects include newspaper articles, magazine articles (especially if they are not from the common martial arts magazines), TV shows, mentions on the radio, etc. This is not the place for links to web sites for arts, but rather for current news.

    Important martial arts news that is not FMA-specific is acceptable, but the intent is to focus on the FMA and closely related subjects.

    -FMATalk Admin-
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    Everyone is most welcome to contribute here! Feel free to start a new thread, or add to an old one.

    -FMAT Admin

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