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Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by arnisador, Jun 1, 2007.

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    I'm not really sure if it was the same tournament Tom Bisio won since there was a series, one was held in Cebu and the other in Manila (that's as far as I know) and my knowlege of the specifics of that tournament (when/where) is based primarily on books. There were likewise divisions... the "legends" fought in the Master's division which was for those 40 or 50 years and older (I think).

    I'm not sure if GT Gaje was 40+ by that time (I think he was still in his 30's). Yes, it would have been nice had GT Gaje fought as well. But GT Gaje is of the generation which is younger than those who fought (Mang Ben, GM Timor Maranga, etc.). His nearest counterparts generation-wise would probably have been the likes of GM Tony Diego, GM Porferio Lanada, GM Nene Tortal, GM Ernesto Presas, GM Diony Canete etc. The generation who fought in that Master's tournament are either in their 80's, 90's today, or have passed away. As a matter of fact, it I'm not mistaken I believe it is only GM Cacoy who remains from that "generation."
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    Maestro Elmer told me before he died that he was asking the Cañetes of Cebu for a copy of the video. Also it was part of the movie Sticks of Death where-in the fight was shown together with the opening credits, it was a beautiful fight by two Grandmasters, i had a chance of viewing it on the movie. I remember our house full of posters of the said movie since my uncle and father were extras with Mang Ben. Also Mang Vic Sanchez was also there and was also a witness to the actual fight between Mang Ben and GM Marangga.
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    Maestro Elmer told us about the GM Maranga vs. Mang Ben fight as well. I would love to see video of this if anyone has access to it.
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    hello i am a former student of Maestro Romeo "mang romy" Valenzuela.. he use to teach me martial arts back in the 80's.. he is more than a teacher to me.. he was like a father figure to me when i was growing up as a teenager.. i want to see him again and learn from him again.. can any one tell me where to find him.. many thanks
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    Mang Ben/Maranga Duel

    Man, I can't wait to sit down with some of the veterans, of LSAI and Mang Vic, who witnessed this duel between to great arnisadors and hear every detail of that match. :biggrinbo
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    I am new here on this forum, interesting. I am not in Arnis just looking for information on the subject first.
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    IIIIII LLOOVVVEEE yyyyoouuuu GUYS!!!!!!
    Thanks for having this.....
    More Power to all of you LSAI pipol.......

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    Shaun replied to you, but i wanted to say hi as well.. i'm getting into the swing of things here!!

    how long did you train? tell us a little more about yourself.. i hope you can come up and visit shaun.. its worth the trip. if you want to learn lightning and its closer than manila (just!!). you are also welcome to come see me in luton. i'm sure shaun and i can be bribed down to the west country for a weekend (hope i'm not speaking out of turn on Shaun's behalf).. i'm a little more forward!!

    anyway, good to see you on here

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    Originally Posted by Anji [​IMG]
    Hi everyone,

    My name is Mark and I've trained in Lightning Scientific Arnis with Master Romeo I. Valenzuela this summer 2007. I'm still a beginer but I'll try my best to promote the art of Grandmaster Benjamin Luna Lema here in Switzerland. I only "teach" the basic metodos, basic bigay tama and basics disarms. I'm not an instructor in LSA (and LSMAPC) but I'm only a passionate of this incredible art. My actual gym proposed me to add the LSA "as an optional complement" to their actual programm (Inosanto System) wich is the main system that they teach. It's means that they don't use the art to make money on it. Here is the website where you can find some videos : www.aka-ge.ch . There's also a short presentation of the LSA but I'm not sure if it's completely correct. Please feel free to give your comment so I can modify the text.

    Best regards all and I hope to meet you.

    Anji aka Mark ^_^ .V..

    Hey Mark
    do you train in the silat as well? 2 very powerful systems. i knew Frank Ropers's teacher many years ago, and another of his students.. very tough guys. 2 good styles.

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    Hi guys!!! Just found this forum...so great to finally have one gathering place for all LSAI practitioners. My name is Carlo Lamagna and have trained with Mang Ben and Guro elmer since 96. Just trying to re-establish my connection with old friends and possible future training partners. I've been teaching privately here in the U.S. for the past 7 years but have stopped for a while to finish school. Hope to meet some of you soon. Take Care

    Carlo Lamagna
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    Hi Carlo. Great to hear from you. Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome aboard, Carlo.
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    Sir I would like to ask. if the LSAI cup is open? I mean if your practising eskrima in a different sysytem can you join the tournament? and where is it located?
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    sir, in which parts of the US would you be? i am looking for somebody to train with here in the northwestern burbs of illinois.
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    if rules hasn't changed yet, the tournament is open strictly to LSAI practitioners only. the last fight format used was interesting... using a checking hand was allowed to use which i believe is a trademark of LSAI.
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    ok I was just asking because I'm interested about there upcoming tournament every march I tought it was open to all practitioners of eskrima regarless of which club he came from. thank you I hope there would be an open tournament in the future soon it should be tittled Carambola which means a rumble an open tournament for all eskrimadors.

    el maldito de cebu
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    Kamusta mga Kapatid,

    This is Tom Pena. I used to train under Master Elmer Ybanez in UP. I was one of the pioneer members of the group.

    Just dropping by to say hi to every LSAI practitioners that i know: Nols, Tom, Nathan, Bot, Jon, Joey, Vince, Enteng, etc if ever you are in this forum.

    And I would like to greet the other LSAI practitioners and masters that I dont know.

    All the Best,
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    Hi Tom! Musta na? Nice to hear from you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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