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Discussion in 'Lameco' started by arnisador, Oct 6, 2007.

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    This forum is for the discussion of the Lameco system.
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    Have not played much with the postings on Wiki, and found this sad/headshakingly difficult to give weight to:

    "Thoroughly non-notable; fails Google News test with only two minor mentions. Lots of stuff online, but nothing that appears to be neutral. Do we need a page for every single last obscure martial art? TallNapoleon (talk) 00:52, 25 April 2008 (UTC)"

    It seems that the author has two basic assertions: that it fails the "Googls news test", and complains of there being a page for every "obscure" martial art. There's more wrong with the second part than I'll poke a stick at right now. As for the "Google news test", am not sure that's the most um... scholarly means of separating what combative arts are relevant, and which ones aren't.

    Am guessing, but would be surprised if there weren't more obscure arts mentioned. As a test, I poked at a little known art I trained in for a while, Limalama. Obscure to be sure, yet there's a Wiki on it... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lima_lama
    ... any anti-pages on that one? It's a rhetorical question, because I don't think that an arts' "obscurity" (if it be so to begin with) is relevant.

    My only concern is if there are enough relevant contributions to the soul of the thing that deserve mention. Am not going to preach to the choir here about the contributions of PG Sulite and his ken. Would just argue that there's been a lot of interesting contributions that have been made, and are arguably responsible for other related considerations in its wake.
  4. Guro Dave Gould



    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention! It would be sad if Wikipedia decides to delete the Lameco Eskrima section but it is there decision to make.

    Lameco Eskrima will flourish or fall not by what wikipedia does or does not do but rather by the actions of us who were charged with the care and propagation of Lameco Eskrima and the Legacy of Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite.

    As long as I live people will know who Edgar Sulite was and what he stood for as a warrior, teacher and a human being. Everyone else in our fraternal family will continue serving in this capacity as well, I can assure you of that. Lameco Eskrima is not something that you can Master solely by reading about it in a book or viewing it on a DVD but rather by experiencing Edgars passion for the Pilipino Warrior Arts first hand with those of us that have dedicated our selves to his cause.

    Again thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
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    why not get the brethren of fma talk to speak together and lobby wikpedia to not remove him. i personally have no knowledge of the style etc but would still find it stupid to remove his reference. after all an "encyclopedia" shoould cover as much information as possible..
    i'm off there now as a dis-interested party to put in my 2c

    GLENNLOBO New Member

    This article was nominated for deletion on April 25, 2008. The result of the discussion was no consensus.
  8. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Good news, though a Keep would've been a better precedent.
  9. jakeshinryu

    jakeshinryu New Member


    Christian greetings to all!

    Whose group suggests for the deletion of lameco eskrima in wiki, what are their grounds?

    I know it's to late to discuss this matter but i'm just a new member of this community.
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  10. arnisador

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    Anyone can suggest that a Wikipedia page be deleted, and it's judged on technical grounds--the degree of verifiable notability of the subject, as indicated by reliable third-party sources--so it isn't judged on personal criteria even if someone nominated it for such a reason. The issue here was third-party (preferably, newspaper) sources on the art and also on its founder, whose page was nominated at the same time, I believe. The good news is that both were kept!

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