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    Welcome to the Kombatan forum! Feel free to discuss all arts related to Ernesto Presas here.
  2. timagua

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    the military element

    Not many people are aware, perhaps, that GGM Ernesto Presas served in the Philippine Air Force. There was a distinctly strong military element involved in the formation of Modern Arnis/Kombatan. Many of the original members of the Arjuken Karate Association at Quiapo had military backgrounds. Some had experience via CMT (Citizen Military Training) and ROTC programs. Master Jose Paman, who authored Arnis Self-Defense, served as team leader of an Army Ranger unit. Others, like the late 2nd Lt. Ray Anthony S. Alfabeto, graduated from the Philippine Military Academy, the local equivalent of West Point.

    Alfabeto, to whom Master Paman dedicated his Kombatan book, hailed from a long line of army officers. His father was a general and his older brother, a captain. Ray Alfabeto unfortunately ran into disaster in 1983 when a combat group he was leading was ambushed by rebels with the New People’s Army, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines. These rebels pretended to surrender as part of the Philippine government’s offer of amnesty and land, then proceeded to cut down the members of the platoon in cold blood.

    This extensive military component in Modern Arnis/Kombatan’s formation, plus GGM Presas’ own military and law enforcement background, makes him eminently qualified to teach Combatives to military units and Defensive Tactics to law enforcement personnel.
  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I did not know that he was a veteran! That must have been useful experience indeed.
  4. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    A lot of the current filipino Lakans also work for national and local police in the philippines. I imagine a lot of the "police techniques" within the system e.g. the baton control and restraints come from the cross training these guys have done. Very interesting to see that GM was in the airforce hadn't heard that before.
  5. truth_be_told

    truth_be_told -== Banned ==-

    may i ask where does the sensitivity aka blindfold tactic comes from in Kombatan.

    dun believed it comes from Mil.
  6. Datu Dieter

    Datu Dieter Junior Member

    The blindfold drills of Ernesto Presas are NOT sensitivity drills.
  7. timagua

    timagua New Member

    About GGM Ernesto Presas’ serving in the Phil. Air Force, there are many facets of his life and career that remain unknown to most. For instance, during a visit to the Bay area in the late 1990s, he made reference to no one being able to best his anting anting (amulet). He defeated fighters in Manila and surrounding areas in the years immediately before and after 1970 when he moved to the Philippine capital. Some of these exploits are recorded in Arnis Self-Defense minus the names of the defeated. In his benevolence and goodwill, GGM sought never to disclose those whom he bested to spare them the unnecessary humiliation. A search of some other websites nevertheless confirms GGM’s victories – from other sources.
  8. johnzag

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    Datu your right they are somewhat choreographed e.g. he will do well indoctrinated drills with a lakan of good technique (Most often Master Michael). Double Sinawali, Palit-Palit with set moves and of course Free Style. However i still think its pretty impressive having done this blind folded myself with partners and copped a lot of rattan over the knuckles and hands that he makes it look so effortless. It can only be done if you have two people that have good distancing and technique with the "sighted" person making the occasional compensation to ensure good clean contact. It is still something to be appreciated.
  9. timagua

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    It was not specified which blindfold drill truth be told was referring to in his inquiry. There are actually armed and unarmed versions of the drill. The armed one, using stick or bolo, has been a mainstay in many Modern Arnis/Kombatan demonstrations by GGM since the 1970s in Manila. Master Jose Paman told me by telephone that during one such demo in Quezon City in 1974, he saw Willie Madla, an Arjuken old-timer, sustain a cut on his hand due to a miscalculation. This underlines the gravity of the feat.

    The unarmed version of the drill, on the other hand, is relatively safer. This drill was practiced by many advanced exponents at the Arjuken. It is related in essence to wing chun’s chi sao, tai chi chuan’s tui shou and judo’s grip-fighting and definitely develops tactile sensitivity. In this drill, seeing the opponent’s movements is not as important as feeling them, fostering the ability to maneuver accordingly.
  10. timagua

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    presas in print

    Check out the latest (January 2008) edition of Inside Kung-Fu magazine, which lists the recent IPMAF Congress and Hall of Fame. The entry includes a photo of GGM Ernesto Presas with Master Jose Paman.

    An article on GM Roberto Presas also appears in the same issue. As those in-the-know are aware, GM Roberto has been a regularly-featured instructor at many of the IPMAF Summer Training Camps held at Presas Beach every other year. He was also a longtime teacher at the original Arjuken gym at Quiapo in Manila.
  11. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I saw the article on Roberto Presas but missed the material on Ernesto Presas!
  12. timagua

    timagua New Member

    The entry on GGM Ernesto and the IPMAF Congress appears on page 69, in the Insiders section. It mentions Masters Lito Concepcion and Robert Castro, and the film shot during the camp.

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    Hello Kombatan Family...
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Hello to all Kombatan Family!
    Hi Pareng Batanguenio!

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    Hello Pareng San Miguel (Mike)!

    Thank you very much again Pare for your visit here in Italy and for a short seminar on our Kombatan Italia group. And I also want to congratulate you for a success seminar in Germany. Keep it up Pare...

    Maraming Salamat!
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    kombatan in new book

    [FONT=&quot]Just came across a new hardbound volume that mentions Kombatan among Filipino martial arts. The Way of the Warrior: A Complete Guide to the Martial Arts of the World [/FONT][FONT=&quot]by Chris Crudelli is a large volume featuring descriptions of martial arts from different parts of the globe. [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot][/FONT]This is notable in that, because GGM Ernesto does not generally grant interviews, Kombatan is often left out of encyclopedic works such as this. It’s nice, however, to see our art recognized in such a comprehensive book.

    Here is the link to view the book’s cover and its features:

  18. arnisador

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    I hope people will continue filling in the various "family tree" therads that are separated by country! That's a great resource.
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    I agree Arnisador I travel alot and these threads are a great help in working out who is out there and who i can do some Kombatan training with when roaming.. Its a great resource!
  20. Hoy, mga pare! (smile) Just saw this (one year later!). I already knew Randy was active on this site but I didn't know Michael was also. From Randy's comments. Pareng San Miguel has to be THE one and only Michael Ermac! A belated WELCOME to you! Looking forward to any future posts you make.

    Caviteno (Alex)

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