WEKAF USA National set for March 19-21, 2010 FREMONT CA.

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    2010 National Stickfighting and Forms Championships!

    March 19, 29, & 21

    Fremont marrriott Silicon Vally

    46100 Landing Parkway Fremont California 94538

    For additional information visit the Official website of WEKAFUSA
    This tournament marks the return of WEKAF USA to Northern California’s Bay Area after 10 years. Each and every athlete will have the opportunityto test their skills in forms and sparring competition, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and develop a winning attitude to become a proud member of the WEKAF USA Team.

    Our hope with this competition is to find qualified candidates who will represent WEKAF USA for the 11th WEKAF World Championships, July 19-25, 2010 to be held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

    I thank you all for you continued support with WEKAF and looking forward to greeting you at our National Tournament.

    There are over 100 divisions!!

    Traditional Filipino Weapons Forms

    Team Forms

    Full contact Single Stick fighting

    Full contact Double Stick fighting

    Full contact Single Stick Team fighting!

    For more information visit the official website of WEKAFUSA.

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    Anyone in the BAY AREA of San Francisco, the W.E.K.A.F. USA National Stick fighting Tournemant is on for this weekend!!
    Fremont marrriott Silicon Vally 46100 Landing Parkway Fremont California 94538
    Come Play or watch all are welcome!!!
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    Was there any good matches? Please post results.
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    There was so many Great people there and the turn out was HUGE!!!
    I just got back home today, so I will have to load videos and pictures and then I will post by this weekend...... all i can say for now is VIVA USA!!!
    More to come...........
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    Check out Youtube, there are a lot of good video's posted so far...
    This one is called chicks with sticks. This is a team event with woman single stick fighting.
    As soon as i get the results i will post as much as i can. with over 130 competitors it was a full 3 days!
    Thank you to all the W.E.K.A.F. staff and helpers for a excellent tournament!!
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