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    I took Kali for a couple years, and I remember most that any drill we used from his system was really good...

    Is there a book or website the describes the fundimental drills of his system?

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    Kali Illustrisimo


    Secrets of Kalis Ilustrisimo is an introduction/history of the art, but doesn't really go into many of the techniques and drills. There is also a chapter in Rey Galang's Warrior Arts of the Philippines, but this is again, more of a cultural/historical overview.

    The best source for descriptions of techniques is the video series by Mandirigma Productions (Rey Galang). Unfortunately it's been out of print for a while. Unique Video Productions also put out a Kali Ilustrisimo series from the Bakbakan Kali group that would would worth a look at.

    Tony Diego is still teaching in the Philippines.


    Steve Lamade
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    Can you clarify? Did you study Kali Ilustrisimo OR JKD Kali which has some concepts of the Ilustrisimo lineage?

    KI was never a drill oriented system. It is based on understanding pinciples and strategies. There are a few component drills that tie in to Cuatro Cantos.

    The original series was made prior to Rey Galang's development of Bakbakan Kali. These videos were of the original art and featured Tatang Ilustrisimo himself.

    The Unique series features 1st Generation senior disciple/instructor of Kali Ilustrisimo, Christopher Ricketts. There is some footage of Rey Galang doing Tulisan knife but these videos should not be confused as Bakbakan Kali. The bulk of the material is KI as taught to Topher Ricketts.

    Just so there is no confusion, Rey Galang promotes Bakbakan Kali. His own system which has roots from KI as well as others. Topher Ricketts teaches Kali Ilustrisimo. Many people associate Topher with Bakbakan Kali because he is one of the founder but he preserves and promotes Ilustrisimo NOT Bakbakan Kali.
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    When I find the time, I will publish a few drills, detailed and illustrated.

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