Waterboarding is a Filipino Interrogation Technique?

Discussion in 'General' started by arnisador, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. arnisador

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    Waterboarding Drew Critics During U.S.-Philippine War

    I'd always taken it to be an extension of the corresponding Spanish Inquisition toca (tortura del agua) method.
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    [FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]Are you surprised? This was one of the most popular songs of the Filipino-American War era:
    It's still sung by the "Military Order of the Carabao" of which former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is a past chief.

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    I've read that during early American occupation of the PI, mercenary groups like Macabebe scouts, would regularly use the water torture method on natives (suspected guerrillas opposed to American rule) in order to get them to give up their guns. However, many fail to realize that these native merc forces were under the direction and command of American officers.

    Being an American Filipino, I have to say that for an American president to imply that this method is Filipino in origin is irresponsible. Further it looks more like another way to deflect responsibility away from the commands of the "civilized white" officers in charge onto their "brown" underlings as something that is inherit to their nature as uncivilized savages.

    Also i've read that the Filipinos may have gotten this method from Chinese settlers who predate the European/American occupation. Like Arnisador suggests, it is well known that this torture method was practiced by Europeans especially during the Spanish Inquisition, which occurred between 1478-1834. Therefore it is most likely this form of torture would have been a common method for the Spanish overseers in charge of the Philippines from[SIZE=-1] 1565-1898. The Spanish[/SIZE] were known to heavily employ native merc forces like the Macabebe Scouts to do such.

    Furthermore, it is well known that the Macabebe Scouts were employed by the US military and as such were given a place within the US military as well as American citizenship. These same groups did not work independently of their own accord. As they did under Spanish leaders, they operated under direct command and supervision of US military command.

    A healthy male would probably not die the first time. However permanent or fatal damage may be incurred if done several times. Not to mention the fact that it was usually not done with clean water but with dirty sewage as well as urine.

    When i get a chance i will try to locate and post the source links...
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    Hardly Filipino in origin. It goes back centuries all over the world. It was particularly popular in Spain and France.
  5. arnisador

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    Yeah, I certainly associate it with the Inquisition.

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