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Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by Pitboss 306, Jul 4, 2007.

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    Anybody here travelling to Datu Kelly Worden's Water and Steel camp in August/September? I'm in the process of designing this year's camp shirt artwork. So far it's looking pretty badass. Wortac folder with crossed bastons and a horimono tattoo style snake in water with the end of one baston in it's mouth. Pretty trendy considering how big tattoos are right now...

    in any case,

    Apparently he is removing the Renegade Jeet Kune Do from the Natural Spirit curriculum. I'm not sure if he will be renaming the empty hand stuff, if he' keeping it or just going back to NSI Kuntao and Wortac stuff or what, but he says the RJKD is out. Too many political complications...

    Just wondering who else I might meet or train with!

    check it out:
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    This must be coming up soon?
  3. truth_be_told

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    what is the difference between NSI Kuntao, wortac, or RJKD ?

    or key differences ?

    hope my enquiries not cause offense (unlike in others)

    just curious to know as hear alot abt Datu.

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    Hey Pitboss, hope you are enjoying yourself at the camp, maybe you can post a review when the camp is over.
  5. robertlk808

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    Just in case others were interested on how the camp turned out, I found some personal reviews on Datu Wordens site at www.kellyworden.com

    I sure miss the camps....

    R. Clark Christie
    Wednesday, 9/5/07, 10:00 PM Water and Steel 2007 Wow!! do you want to talk about value! Where in the world can you go and see a teacher of Datu Kelly Wardens stature (not to mention humour), relevant, practical and conjoined content, kind and helpful senior practitioners, the nicest people on the planet, some of the best comedians (not Canadians, even though that coud be true) fantastic food and plenty of it, this list goes on and on. This is a keeper for me, so thank you everyone who participated and made this an awesome life changing experience, see you next year. Clark From:Edmonton


    Troy Ostapiw
    Wednesday, 9/5/07, 6:25 PM Just wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone. The camp was great, the food and training was amazing. So may diverse individuals from all over North America. So much talent in one small area, it's scary. We had beginners as well as intermediate and advanced individuals to train with. All you had to do was look over your shoulder if you needed a hand figuring out a concept, and there was someone there. For me it was a great reminder of the diversity of NSI, and Kelly Worden┬┐s commitment, not to keep us down but give us the keys to developing wisdom with in the arts. Also I would just like to send a shout out to the Doctor Ho power hour people.........you know who you are....:) Take care guys and gals, see you soon. Troy Ostapiw, Sask Canada From:Regina Sask Canada


    Brad Hutchinson
    Wednesday, 9/5/07, 6:39 AM Well friends of NSI another camp! Awesome! The information at Water & Steel that Datu presents is huge. Everything from single and double stick anyo's, staff anyo's, empty hand kuntao-bridging hands, knife and a whole lot more. My self, I finally bought my silent fighter, Datu had 6 of them their to train on, and of course was showing the set's. Thank's Datu and out U.S friends for a great camp, looking forward to next time Brad Hutchinson Saskatoon Canada From:Saskatoon CanadaWeb Site: www.ntcofcanada.com
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  8. Matt Lamphere

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    Yeah, the camp shirts are sweet. Pitboss did a fine job designing them. Very nice work.

    And ... actually ... I took this photo :)

    I'm not in too many pics, as I'm usually the guy running the camera.

    Good news. I just completed the 4 disk camp set. I've sent it off to Datu for approval. He'll no doubt have it up on his site very soon for sale.

    Here's a clip that I put together from the set. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Z1RcgrDQNTo

    What a great time camp was.

    Look for more on line content, and of course the complete set.

    Some a of the material covered at camp:

    1) NSI Kuntao
    2) Non Classical Gung Fu
    3) Locks and Controls (Jeff Johnsgaard & Troy Ostapiw)
    4) Silent Fighter
    5) Anyo
    6) Stick Anyo (Ken Smith)
    7) Staff
    8) Blade Work
    9) Travel Wrench
    10) Espada Y Daga
    11) Machete
    12) Tapi Tapi (Dan McConnell)
    12) Single Stick
    13) Sinawalis & Application

    I wish that I was still there.
  9. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Nice clip Matt and it looks like you guy's had a really good time. [​IMG]
  10. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

    Thats awesome Matt! Cant wait to get them and last years DVDs as well.
  11. Neaky

    Neaky New Member

    Hey Matt was that the Clip you sent everyone as it is no longer on you tube

    CB6 (in case you guys have no idea who this is lol)
  12. Matt Lamphere

    Matt Lamphere New Member

    CB 6 !!!

    What up ? How's life on the "block" ???

    Yeah, I pulled that clip down during a fit of video cleaning. I'll put some more up soon.

    Did you order your camp DVD set yet ? There's lots of great material.
  13. Neaky

    Neaky New Member

    I am planning on it i am pumped to see it

    the block is good, got a nw roomate lmao

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