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  1. CrispyPata

    CrispyPata New Member

    Just wanted to say cool site. I've done a little arnis/escrima (Doce Pares, Kalintaw, and others). Sounds like there's alot of veterans in here...
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Welcome! It's always good to have another FMAer with us!

    I'm not sure I know Kalintaw?
  3. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    Welcome. Never heard of Kalintaw either. Is it a conglomeration of Kuntaw and Kali?

    You will get quick answers, few egos and great info. on this site.
  4. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member


    Kumusta kabayan!!! Welcome to the Forum!
    Nagugutom ako sa username mo ha! Mahilig ka talaga nang Crispypata![​IMG] (Your username makes me hungry! You really like your Crispypata!)

    Di ba instrumento ang kalintaw? (isn't kalintaw a musical instrument?) Please tell us more about the kalintaw style.
  5. CrispyPata

    CrispyPata New Member

    Hello everyone..

    Yeah, Kalintaw is one of those lesser known FMA arts compared to Doce Pares, PTK, etc.. PG Galo Lalic teaches Kalintaw which is his family art. His website is www.kalintaw-galo.com for those who would like to know more. See link from youtube.
    For those that are thinking, no thats not me--I'm too ugly to be on video. hehe). I just found it surfing through youtube.

    Musta na, kuya Phil... oo nga, sarap yun crispy pata! pero sayang 'stairway to heaven' yun. (Yes, crispy pata is delicious! But too bad it's a 'stairway to heaven'. --cholestrol overdose-- hehehe. Sidenote: Crispy pata is a dish sometimes eaten with a few cases of San Mig's and Karaoke for dessert--cause you don't care how you sound after the San Mig's. *smile*

    Maybe you're thinking of Kulingtang (not Kalintaw). An instrument used more in Mindanao. Which I like by the way. See link from youtube.
  6. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    Kalintaw is a family art as was referred to by crispy pata.. Guro Galo lives in the Malabanas area of Angeles City.. His art is very interesting as I trained with him a couple of times during my trips to the Philippines.. Guro Galo is a real energetic instructor and proud of his family art.. I met Guro Galic as he is a friend of my wife's family and at one time was a barrio captain (kinda like a mayor) of Malabanas.. I last trained with Guro Lalic in 04 during one of my trips to the Philippines..

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